ventura ventura, August 14, 2018

Join the team working on Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice goals for a better world by tabling with local RISE organizers. Contact Amber Bassett at [email protected]  or message Amber on Facebook. Join us flyering and tabling at events throughout Ventura County.

Rise Ventura HANDOUT for volunteers is a DIY 4×5 handout that cuts into 4 per page. Print double-sided or the front works by itself or you can put anything else you want to put on the back.

There are different approaches for different personalities and styles for talking to strangers. Some prefer what organizers call “Tabling”.

This is called ‘Tabling’.

This is ‘Flyering’.

Some have an easy time just walking through crowds smiling and handing a flyer, i.e. “Flyering”.

These girls are ‘Canvasing’ to engage people on the street.

People who want to stretch their limits will ask permission to stand outside of public places and do “Canvassing” with or without a petition, clipboard for signups, or a hat for donations.

Whatever way someone is able to participate, it will likely leave lifetime memories about these historic events and bring new friends, support, inspiration and understanding about what the present human condition is asking of us.

Front of 4×5 Handout                                                                                           Back of Handout


Here is the PDF Master for making copies to cut into four handouts to give to friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors, or people standing in line at the cash register:

Rise Ventura HANDOUT for volunteers

350 Ventura County Calls for Strong Climate Action Plan

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