ventura ventura, February 25, 2018

Open Letter to Mayor Andrews and Ventura Council Members,

We can’t believe the Staff Report recommending Alternative 2 to the Ventura City Council on Monday, February 26, to delay a decision to join Clean Power Alliance.

Staff is basically advising Council to force everyone to continue with the higher Edison bills instead of having a choice for lower bills from the Clean Power Alliance even though that decision forces all to pay extra for the dirtiest energy in the marketplace!  It’s incredible.

We recommend that Ventura join the Clean Power Alliance and develop a just and equitable plan that sets the default at 100% renewable energy (currently that rate is 7% higher than Edison’s base tier). We want all rate-payers to know the value of buying 100% renewable energy and know too that they have the option to opt to a cheaper rate. This is particularly important for low-income residents who can also access programs to further reduce their bills.

Venturans want cleaner energy and many, including large commercial ratepayers, would support a small increase for clean energy. Having the default at a high level will result in extra franchise fees for the city to invest. We need funds for climate disaster preparedness, such as flood prevention and battery storage at community facilities to meet neighborhood needs during a blackout. Above all, we want Ventura to be guided by the principles of a Climate Action Plan that highlights a goal for 100% renewable energy.

– Ventura County Climate Hub/ Ventura 350

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