“Aaron will be a game-changer in the U.S. Congress on climate change. He’s devoted his life to this issue. He’s an organizer, a bold thinker who is politically strategic and gets stuff done. He has the training and experience to be the foremost climate advocate in Congress.” 

— Dr. Timmons Roberts, Brown University climate scientist and founder, Climate Social Science Network


As July 2023’s planetary temperature records made clear, humanity is now in a desperate fight to preserve a climate that supports life. Among Rhode Island’s Congressional candidates, we believe the best to lead that fight in Congress is Aaron Regunberg. We compare the candidates’ records in the chart below.


Candidate Climate Action RI endorsed in previous runs? Environmental Council of RI Green Report Card Grades 2023 endorsements by CARI-endorsed legislators 2023 endorsements by environmental groups & heroes
Aaron Regunberg 2018, 2023 2015-16: A
2017-18: A

Mack, Cruz, Felix, McGaw, Ujifusa, Donovan, Cortvriend, Cotter, Carson, Fogarty, Potter, AnderBois, Anthony


Bernie Sanders, Bill McKibben, Climate Hawks Vote, Jane Fonda Climate PAC, Friends of the Earth, Food & Water Watch, Center for Biological Diversity, Oil Change USA

Ana Quezada No 2017-18: A
2021-22: B

Sanchez, Calkin

Sandra Cano No 2017-18: C
2021-22: C

Bell, DiMario, Euer, Kallman, Lawson, Kislak, Lauria

John Goncalves 2020, 2022 N/A none none
Sabina Matos No N/A none none
Gabe Amo N/A N/A none none
Don Carlson N/A N/A none none


Scorecard Image


Based on the candidates’ records, we recommend that District 1 climate voters cast their ballots for Aaron Regunberg. Election Day is September 5, 2023.

Appendix: Articles on Climate Topics

Regunberg has written prolifically in local, national, and legal publications on climate-related topics. Here are some of his articles: