We’re excited to announce that CARI/350RI has made our first political endorsement, of Rep. Aaron Regunberg‘s run for Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island in 2018! The decision was made by a unanimous vote of our voting members.

Aaron has been an absolute champion of climate action during his two terms in the legislature, sponsoring bill after bill to smooth the path for renewable energy in the state (and passing many of them). As Lieutenant Governor, Aaron hopes to use the resources and statewide bullhorn of the office to be the “people’s lobbyist” at the State House, countering the paid lobbyists of the oil industry.

At the endorsement event today, Alex Duryea represented our group, and spoke passionately about the need for political action on climate. She said:

My name is Alex Duryea. I’m a student at Providence College, as well as the Sustainability Coordinator, and co-president of the environmental club on campus, Eco PC.  350 Rhode Island is proud to make its first ever political endorsement, for Aaron Regunberg’s campaign for lieutenant governor in 2018.
I wish I didn’t have to worry about climate change. I wish climate change wasn’t even a political issue — that all politicians from every party and every generation were working to take the steps necessary to protect my generation’s future.
But that’s not the case. Most politicians don’t seem to think it’s any big deal that we students and millenials are going to face a future of…
  • Ever more extreme weather
  • Severe storms, floods, fires and crop failures
  • Dramatically rising sea levels, which during my lifetime will swamp our beaches and cities, including downtown Providence
  • The collapse of whole ecosystems, like the coral reefs and our salt marshes
  • Worldwide population displacement and instability.
Our future is on the line! And with climate-deniers running Washington, it has never been more important to have champions like Aaron fighting for bold action at the state level. I’m excited to see what Aaron’s going to do with this office.


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