Endorsed Candidate: Melinda Lopez
Candidate for: House, District 43 (Johnston)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – Providence/N. Providence region

CARI is delighted to endorse Melinda Lopez for District 43 State Representative. Melinda has been an educator since 1994. She has seen how often politicians overlook members in her community. She supports and recognizes the need for climate action, and agrees that the time to act is now.

If elected, as an educator, she hopes to increase awareness of the climate crisis among her constituents. CARI is pleased that she plans to bring her education background to bear, in the form of real conversations around climate change that help to educate her fellow Rhode Islanders. If elected, Melinda would become the first Puerto Rican to serve in Rhode Island’s General Assembly, and will be a strong ally for Climate Action Rhode Island. We look forward to working with her.