Endorsed Candidate: Kendra Anderson
Candidate for: State Senate, District 31 (Warwick / Cranston)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – West Bay region

CARI could not be more excited to endorse Kendra Anderson—one of our organization’s founding members in 2017 and our President in 2018–2019—in her campaign for State Senate in District 31.

Kendra offers a rare combination of organizational talent and a big heart. As President of CARI, she oversaw our growth from a small group that met around a dining table to an organization with hundreds of members, grant funding, office space, public events, and multiple campaigns. She played a lead role in many CARI efforts, including testifying at the State House on multiple pieces of legislation, protesting at proposed fossil fuel facilities, speaking at rallies, organizing collaborations with other environmental groups, and fundraising. Kendra brings knowledge, energy, leadership, and a can-do spirit to the issues that drive her: not only environmental protection, but also women’s rights, education, racial justice, and jobs. She will be an ideal State Senator because of her genuine concern for the well-being of her constituents and her unwillingness to accept buck-passing excuses from politicians too afraid to act on our biggest issues.