In addition to the 100% by 2030 Renewable Energy Standard, many other pieces of climate-related legislation are being considered at the State House this year.

At next Wednesday evening’s online CARI Community Meeting, we’ll present a rundown of the most impactful of these bills, including:

  • Procuring more offshore wind power
  • Supporting solar panels and heat pumps in schools
  • Banning gas hookups in new construction buildings
  • Requiring EV chargers in large housing units and parking lots
  • Increasing the amount of allowable rooftop solar

Presenters will include Kai Salem, Policy Coordinator at the Green Energy Consumers Alliance, as well as members of CARI’s Politics Team who are championing these bills. You’ll learn not only what the bills would do, but how you can get involved in supporting the ones most important to you.

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What: CARI Community Meeting: 2022 Legislation

When: 7:00–8:30pm, Wednesday March 2
Where: Zoom only (pre-registration required)