Have you already reduced your household’s carbon footprint by…

  • installing solar panels and/or a home battery?
  • switching from a gas car to a plug-in electric vehicle or E-bike?
  • replacing your fossil-fuel boiler or water heater with a heat pump?

If so, how much did it cost? How easy or hard was the transition? Would you recommend the experience to others?

If you haven’t yet, are you interested in hearing the experiences of those who have?

All are welcome next Wednesday for an online, interactive discussion on these topics. Come to share your experiences, get to know other CARI members, and ask and answer questions as a community.

What: February Community Meeting

When: 7:00–8:15pm, Wed. Feb. 2

Where: Online on Zoom (pre-registration required)

REGISTER HERE: us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZApc-2orjMvH9dblfDkGvraOmsln3A-r6n3