As a team, our strategy involves influencing climate policy at the county and national levels, as well as strengthening youth-led networks and organizations. With a focus on climate change, an economic focus on activities that can be undertaken by young people, we hope to build a strong movement of young climate enthusiasts that will help our country turn around the negative effects we are having on the environment. The three day boot camp on Climate Change is just a start!


patSessions will include: Case studies, experience-sharing sessions, Practical skills trainings, Film and
documentary shows, Music and creative arts performances and a day of creative action.

teentsDay I: 25th March 2014

The participants will arrive in Limuru Town between 2.00PM and 4.00PM and transported to the Campsite. On arrival at the camp site, all participants will learn how to pitch tents of
accommodation and settle in for the evening with dinner and a camp fire.

campDay II & III: 26th and 27th March 2014:

We shall hold the opening session, hold
inspirational plenary sessions, Practical skills training break out group
sessions. All the sessions will be on the status of climate change in Kenya and the opportunities that young people can exploit to curb climate change using a business model and other approaches. An evening Nyama Choma grill session will be held on the evening of day 3 for networking and fun and games at a camp fire.

Day IV: 28th March 2014:

The power shift boot camp will end with a non-violent direct action that all participants and the public will participate in raising awareness concerning climate change and more specifically food insecurity in Kenya. This last day activity will take place in the city center of Nairobi

Through this boot camp, we hope to mobilize local expertise through partnerships with other actors that are engaged in this field, to equip our local climate change activists with both adaptation and mitigation based knowledge for practical action application in their communities.

The National Power Shift boot camp will train 120 youth from the 47 counties on the various campaigns to curb climate change. We will conduct workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions

Please have a look at the map below for directions to KOK Limuru