Climate Change Activism

350 Kenya’s Own Stories

Kenya has a powerful environmental legacy, and the growing 350 Kenya team are working in a variety of ways to improve their communities. During a recent digital storytelling workshop in Nairobi, they created profiles of each other so that climate activists all over the world can hear their stories.

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“We cannot tire or give up.


Striving towards united social justice movements in Eastern Africa

blog7“Social justice” can be traced back in the 1840s amongst the Jesuits, associating it with St. Thomas Aquinas’s teachings. In November 2007,  the United Nations General assembly approved the 20th February as World day of Social justice. The first World Day of Social Justice was however observed in 2009.  On this globally marked day, organisation and institutions declare the urgency in promoting efforts that tackle social ills such as poverty, inequality, exclusion and peace.

Kenya’s Drought – A Humanitarian Crisis

The easterly region of  Africa is witnessing devastation as this part of the continent grapples with the grips of a recurrent severe drought.  Attributed mainly to global climate changes, the current drought stretches across the coastal north, northeastern and southern lowlands. Climate forecasts indicate the situation will persist for the next six months.