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3 Japanese megabanks move closer to ending fossil fuel finance

Over the last few days, we’ve seen 3 major Japanese financial institutions take steps towards ending fossil fuel finance.

Moshi-Moshi: Phone calls to end coal

“Hello Hello.” Moshi Moshi.

At 350 Japan, we’ve just wrapped up a new call-in campaign targeting our country’s three biggest commercial banks: MUFG (Mitsubushi Financial Group), Mizhuo, and SMBC (Sumitomo Banking Corp). Our goal? Get these banks to cut down …

We need a #JustRecovery from COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has made us all realise just how fragile this interconnected world is.

As we grapple with staying home, finding new ways to comfort those we love and support those most impacted – we’re also creating space to …

How to care for your community in a crisis

The COVID-19 virus pandemic is now global and I’m  feeling as anxious and worried as you all are for what this means for our loved ones and communities. 

The whole team sends you strength and solidarity as we do