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Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, releases new policy on coal finance

In response to Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc (MUFG)’s new policy on coal finance, global climate campaign group 350.Org issued the following statement.

Shin Furuno,’s East Asia Finance Campaigner said from Japan:

Every day we welcome a new commitment

G7: Take climate action

On March 15, 1.6 million youth in 112 countries skipped school to bring attention to government inaction on climate change. Students fear they have no future. Still, their cries for help have been ignored.

Student climate strikers from every G7 …

428 Flash Mob Protest Against Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant

On April 28th at noon, at the entrance of Formosa Petrochemical Corporation’s Sixth Naphtha Cracking Project Park, Lin Tay-Jou and Tsai Chung-Lung held a Flash Mod Protest with several students. Lin is the professor of the Department of Visual Communication

Building a people powered coal-free movement in Negros

By Beatrice Tulagan

Since I started my work in climate change, visiting Negros has always been a favorite considering the robust people-powered movement present in the region and the central role young people play in the struggle. Seeing so many …