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2016 was the hottest year on record, which showed clearly that climate change is one of the greatest threat we are facing. Science tells us that it is caused by global warming that comes from greenhouse gasses emitted mostly by fossil-fuel projects that are also destroying the lives and livelihood of people in the places that hosts them.

We believe that from extraction to combustion fossil-fuel development has brought the greatest impacts on the people that have benefitted the least from its development and more so are impacted the most by climate change.

This year in 2017, we will continue with Divest East Asia Network members to bridge the gap between the people who are in a struggle to survive and thrive amidst climate change and the harmful impacts of fossil-fuel development and the institutions that help finance fossil-fuelled development.

We are building stories to give a voice to those in the #FrontlinesHeros and #VolunerableVoices so that the stories of tragedy and triumph against dirty energy can be spread, as we respond to the climate crisis as unified voice fighting for the future of humankind.



East Asia Climate Workshop is established to serve as part of East Asia Climate Leadership Program, which will be an online opportunity for all of us to dive in further on 3 key topics in 2017, 1) Learning how to build up communities’ resilience power to tackle fossil fuel project. 2) Empowering digital Ninjias on storytelling in digital world via social media? 3) Global Divestment Mobilization Celebration and Divest East Asia Network’s continuation. Together, these will build toward Global Divestment Mobilization moment in May and key conversations for a long term East Asia Fossil Fuel vision.


What you will get from web workshop?


This webinar, organized by the 350.org East Asia will enable participants to:

  1. Understand the initial regional divestment initiatives, including what is divestment, why divest and how to call for divestment via some examples and work led by local groups in the region.
  2. Understand what are will building up to divest from fossil fuel action in East Asia region in March (Breakfree) and May(Global Divestment Mobilization) and following up plans for that
  3. Understand various political trends and possibilities of policy changes in different country context, while we are working on climate change campaigns.
  4. Transfer the knowledge from Divest East Asia Network to ideas on campaign work including how can we amplify learnings between different campaigns like, divestment, anti-coal, air-pollution…etc
  5. Deepen discussion on opportunities and solutions work that we might can take on further for climate crisis.

The web workshops are moderated by 350.org East Asia team and each section will be 1.5hrs each, including 1~2 invited panelists to share the related topic and online interactive discussion and Q/A session.

2016 Webinars

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