East Asia Climate Leadership Camp – EACLC

East Asia Climate Leadership Camp(EACLC) is established to serve as part of East Asia Climate Leadership Program, which will be an offline training opportunity for partners in the region to learn and exchange campaign ideas to each other. Our 1st EACLC – coal workshop in 2015 was held in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam in 2015, and we successfully launched and recruited youths from the region to a offline focused training program

More about EACLC, please check our wrap up Video in 2015:


More about EACLC#1, please check our Flickr Photo Album in 2015

After the camp, our partners were looking back again our work and think it would be more useful for us to do it collaboratively on campaigns with each other and brainstorm long term campaign strategy in the region. Thus in 2016, we expanded it to wider regional discussion on how to build up specific campaign deeper, like divestment, Breakfree, anti-coal…etc, with a theme of “Divestment + Frontline struggles.” in Asan City, South Korea in 2016.


More about EACLC, please check our wrap up Video in 2016.

More about EACLC#2 in 2016, please check the shared Story.

EACLC 2017




Developing our shared narrative and putting our aspirations into concrete steps of action is one of the EACLC’s goals and the program is 350.org East Asia’s contribution to support the work happening on different fronts to mobilize and invest towards a low-carbon, resilient and sustainable future that will keep global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius, if not within the aspirational target of 1.5 degrees Celsius.


Read highlights from EACLC 2017 http://world.350.org/east-asia/camp2017/

For any information please directly contact:

Mr. Liangyi Chang
East Asia Regional Campaign Coordinator
[email protected]

Or anyone of the members of 350.org East Asia