East Asia Climate Leadership Camp


Raising a new breed of climate leaders in East Asia


For the past 3 consecutive years the East Asia Climate Leadership Camp (EACLC) has served as a convergence of climate and fossil-free activists around the East Asian region to share experiences and develop strategies for working together against the toxic embrace of fossil-fuel finance and dirty energy development.

The EACLC in photos

Silver Chiang

Here are some photo highlights from the East Asia Climate Leadership Camp, as documented by Silver Chiang.
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eaclc#3_day2_69Dali Bayuaji


I’ve never felt like this before.

I’m just an ordinary student, who enjoys riding my bicycle and taking photographs. It was a step outside of “my usual routine”. I met so many inspiring people in the past few days. I learned so many great things and values. It felt great to meet new friends.
Again, I’ve never felt anything like this before,

The fact that I became connected to people, who were still strangers a week ago. To share ideas and emotions.

Fighting for climate justice or struggling against projects that threaten our communities.

We are struggling not for ourselves, but for our surroundings, for people who don’t even know who we are.

I feel overwhelmed.


Reflections from the discharge pipe

Jeffrey Reyes


I saw a horrible scenery in Taichung, Taiwan.

This is where a coal-fired power plant discharges harmful wastes from burning coal to produce 5,500 MW of electricity. I felt helpless while watching the filthy water flows to the sea.

Nature is being pillaged right in front of us and treated as a commodity.

But there is hope. We can change this story. We can switch to renewable energy.

Together we can.

As long as we all remember

eaclc#3_day1_75Vivian Lung


As I looked at the world’s biggest coal power plant sitting right there in Longjing, Taichung, with its chimneys painted in such bright colors that remind me of amusement parks, faking to look so innocent but raping people around the neighborhood in such a cruel way, the polluted, weird colored water smelling so awful and running towards the ocean……, I know we should do something more than shedding our tears. We should take actions to stop it. We need sentiments, but we also need solutions.

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Beyond the rising temperatures

Kath Limayo



Climate Changes isn’t just about the rising global temperatures.

Climate Change is about people. People, communities, women, men, children who are affected by the dirty energy sources we use.

Life in all its diversity are affected by environmental choices we humans make.

Its time for us to make the right choices.

It is time to divest from fossil fuels and start investing the clean/ renewable energy.

It is the youth that continues to give me energy

Hong Hoang


eaclc#3_day4_94I realized how many of the participants had only been born when I first got involved in the climate movement. But there we were, despite all the differences, learning together, inspiring each other, and having so much fun (yeah, sometimes we went a little too wild 😀) together!!! These young people are the ones behind the amazing climate organizing in the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, fighting the dirty fossil fuel projects for better air, better water, food security, and climate justice.

People usually ask me where I get all the energy and motivation to keep going. Well, I get it all from young people like these. Yes, they are the ones who will solve the climate crisis, no matter what Trump or other nations’ leaders believe in.

Video wrap-up

Silver Chiang

Developing our shared narrative and putting our aspirations into concrete steps of action is one of the EACLC’s goals and the program is 350.org East Asia’s contribution to support the work happening on different fronts to mobilize and invest towards a low-carbon, resilient and sustainable future that will keep global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius, if not within the aspirational target of 1.5 degrees Celsius.