ventura ventura, June 28, 2018

YES ON #SB100 


This bill moves the state to 100 percent renewable and carbon free power by 2045. Click here to learn more and sign Climate Hawks Vote petition:
It is also easy to make calls to your legislators offices from the Sierra Club’s webpage:

NO on AB 813 that would regionalize the grid

This bill favors the big energy generators and not local control of clean energy.

This is similar to what some folks pushed on California in the 1990’s, when Enron took advantage of the speculative energy market which cost California millions of dollars. This bill will see energy jobs leave California which working class unions strongly oppose.  California would import dirty energy like coal power from neighboring states. The bill would cede local control of CAISO (California Independent System Operator) to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and once done cannot be un-done.

Former Chair of the PUC Loretta Lynch has been explaining dire warnings about the state losing control of the grid operating system to FERC especially at a time when those commissioners are appointed by the president. Experts have explained to us that there is no market advantage in this proposal that we do not already have.

Explanation from 350 San Diego why we don’t want this bill:
Those in Senator Henry Stern’s district, go to his site, and tell him why he needs to change his mind. His yes vote in Judiciary Committee was unnecessary and unwise.
For Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson’s, constituents, go to her site and let her know we appreciate her wisdom and courage to vote NO even though she had to cross Governor Brown.

NO on SB  237 that would harm viability of Community Choice Energy

This bill would allow any commercial or industrial business to get their electricity from Direct Access providers with no requirement that the electricity be renewable.  This could cause mass defection from CCAs as C&I customers seek the cheapest available electricity.  The CCAs would be left with stranded power procurement contracts that could bankrupt them.  This gut and amend bill from Sen. Hertzberg would kill existing CCAs in California.   Let your legislators know this is a NO, especially Senator Stern and Assembly Member Irwin.

350 Ventura County Calls for Strong Climate Action Plan

Join 350 Ventura County Climate Hub

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