As of December 2017, Chatham County, Orange County, the Town of Hillsborough, and the Town of Carrboro have all passed 100% renewable energy resolutions!!!
On March 12 a couple 350 Triangle members attended the Wake County Growth, Land Use, and Environment (GLUE) Committee meeting, after learning from Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson that the 100% renewable energy resolution was going to be on the agenda. FINALLY!! Sig did a great job introducing the resolution. There was discussion between the three commissioners on the committee and staff attending the meeting. They agreed it was important to look at things thoroughly and not just pass the resolution and let it sit there and do nothing. Karen spoke briefly about the resolution. Staff will look into questions and more details that they will share with the GLUE committee in a couple months. They will discuss the resolution again at the May GLUE meeting. 
John Burns (chair of the GLUE committee) announced that at the April GLUE meeting, they will be “ bringing forward the new energy performance guidelines for county buildings. They will be among the best in the country.” 
Durham County and City have been discussing the 100% resolution for several months and Amanda has spoken at the Joint Committee. The Durham Joint City County Committee met again this morning to discuss the resolution. Received an update from Wendy Jacobs, Chair of Durham County Commission.  “There were a number of clarifying questions asked and the city and county managers are bringing some follow up information back to the our Joint City County meeting on May 8.” After the committee agrees to move it along (hopefully in May!!), “the next step after this would be that it goes back to each of our respective boards for full board approval.” 
So the City of Durham, Durham County and Wake County are moving along!! Also, staff with the City of Raleigh is looking into the resolution. 
Several 350 Triangle members have joined county action teams for NC WARN’s Clean Path 2025 (CP25) campaign. 350 Triangle and NCWARN are now partnering with the Triangle county action teams! The CP25 will help local governments move forward on their 100% renewable energy resolution commitments.