Below you will see the beautiful People’s Inauguration Oath many people in NC took on Jan. 23rd around the state as part of the People’s Climate Movement 100 hours of action. Maybe you would like to take this oath on your own, or invite a few friends together in your home at any time! The oath came out of the recent NC Climate Justice Summit. 

The People’s Inauguration 

Oath to Protect the People, Places and Planet We Love




Webster’s Dictionary defines an inauguration as “a formal ceremony or special event to mark the beginning of a major public leader’s term of office.” The term, in a less formal context, “can also be used to be refer to the beginning or introduction of a new system, policy, or period.” 


Today we are joining with communities across North Carolina and the nation to embody the latter part of that definition. We join together to usher in an equitable, life-sustaining economic and social system.  Because our representative democracy is failing us, we call forth a new period of direct democracy of the people, by the people, for the well-being of all.  The enormity of climate change, white supremacy, corporate corruption and political upheaval demands that we now stand up for the people, places and planet we love.


Therefore, we affirm our power and authority to make our communities places where everyone thrives by taking this oath.  


INSTRUCTIONS FOR TAKING THE OATH–If you are willing and able, please stand, place your hand over heart, and repeat after me.


[Note: If possible, have several people read each part out loud, each one taking a different sentence.  This mark // indicates a place where the speaker should pause so that people can repeat each phrase.]

I vow to myself and each of you:
–To honor the beauty and diversity of the Web of Life // upon which my survival depends
–To practice the values of compassion, generosity, gratitude // equity and inclusion
–To stand for justice and uphold individual and collective rights // particularly for those who have been most harmed: //  Indigenous Peoples //  immigrants  // LGBTQ+ people //  Muslims // people of color  // people with disabilities //  women //  elders // and children
–To support localized economies and living wages //  and safe working conditions for all workers
–To promote access for all people to quality healthcare and education // healthy food, clean water and affordable housing
–To work for a just transition to renewable energy // and an immediate end to all fossil fuels
–To address climate change threats // and strengthen the social, economic, and ecological resilience of our communities
–To preserve, protect and defend // the people, places and planet that we love

OFFICIANT DECLARESWe have affirmed our shared purpose as newly inaugurated leaders! Congratulations!