Climate Justice actions are escalating during this extreme heatwave this week! Make phone calls and amplify the messages on social media!
**National call in day TODAY! (or call tomorrow!)
Make a call today and urge your representative in Congress to fight for:

• $1 Trillion dollars for renewable energy
• $600 Billion dollars for expanding and electrifying public transit
• $600 Billion dollars for upgrading our public housing and schools with energy efficiency measures
• $132 Billion to fully fund the Civilian Climate Corps

• Investments at the level of President Biden’s American Jobs and Families Plans for the care economy

You can call their numbers directly if you know it, or use the tool above and you’ll be connected to your House of Representatives member and your Senators’ offices, and you’ll see a script you can use. #TimetoThrive
**Tomorrow, June 30
On June 30th, We are going to the White House to demand President Biden stop dirty fossil fuel projects in all our communities, from Line 3 to the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) and beyond, and prioritize climate, racial justice, Indigenous rights, housing justice, and transit justice in the infrastructure discussions.
This action is being called for and coordinated by frontline, indigenous and female leaders. It is essential that all of us show up in deep respect, and summon our courage to take action following their instructions.

On June 30, our demands for President Biden are simple and clear:

President Biden:
Use your executive authority to stop approving fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency. Fossil fuel pipelines, infrastructure, exports, and leases fuel the climate emergency, pollute in Black & Brown communities, and violate treaty rights. Act now to end the era of fossil fuel production, protect our communities, and Build Back Fossil Free.

Use your bully pulpit to make sure Congress includes strong climate, Indigenous rights, housing justice, racial justice, and transit justice commitments in an infrastructure bill. Build on the Thrive Agenda, to build a climate care economy, good jobs for all, an end to fossil fuel subsidies and a renewable energy standard!

Follow Indigenous Environmental Network and ShutDownDC on social media to amplify the message! I will be posting on 350 Triangle’s pages.
**Please continue to call the White House at 888-724-8946 to urge President Biden to shut down the Line 3 pipeline & reject ALL new fossil fuel projects. I mention the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) whenever I call, too.  You can continue to follow Honor the Earth, Giniw Collective, Tara Houska, Winona LaDuke, and Indigenous Environmental Network on social media and email for updates from MN.
**Sign the Petition to Joe Biden to say No MVP/MVP Southgate:
**I learned on the Build Back Fossil Free call last week that there will be a big mobilization in early October in D.C., leading up to COP26.
Thanks for taking action! Peace and love for our beautiful Earth, Karen