I am so excited to announce 350 Triangle is one of the partner organizations in the new Energy Justice NC Coalition!! Today at a press conference in Raleigh we launched the coalition and campaign — Energy Justice NC: End the Duke Monopoly.
As some of you heard on the conference call last month, we’ve been working together for several months to line things up for the launch. After all that work, now the real work begins to END THE DUKE MONOPOLY so everyone has the competitive choice to use renewable energy that is healthy for them and the Earth!
I will include a photo of the speakers at the press conference today. More information below with the announcement!! Remember to sign the petition!!
Energy Justice NOW!  Peace and love for our beautiful Earth, Karen
Help End Duke Energy’s Monopoly Capture of NC
Worsening hurricanes, rising power bills, and host of harms show state system is brokenA diverse new coalition of local, state and national groups have launched a vigorous statewide campaign to end Duke Energy’s monopoly control of North Carolina’s energy markets and public officials.

Duke Energy is harming communities, gouging customers, blocking the growth of cheaper wind and solar power with storage – and making the climate crisis worse via its massive expansion of fracked gas.

The campaign is titled Energy Justice NC: End the Duke Monopoly.

We’re calling on every North Carolinian to join this effort, to help slow the climate crisis, and break free from Duke’s monopoly capture.

1)    Sign the Petition for Energy Choice – as individuals, businesses or organizations of all types.

2)    Start telling all local, state and civic leaders to stop taking the toxic influence money that protects Duke Energy’s monopoly control over NC.

The Energy Justice NC coalition is anchored by leaders from communities most impacted by Duke’s toxic coal ash, the proposed fracked-gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline, hog waste biogas, and worsening hurricanes caused in part by Duke’s ongoing burning of coal and fracked natural gas.

Today a major shift begins across North Carolina!

See more in today’s press release and at the new Energy Justice NC website.