Election day is FINALLY here!!! I predict most of you have voted by absentee ballot or early voted, but a few of you might be voting today or working at the polls.
You have probably heard we won’t know the results of many races Tuesday night. Choose Democracy and Protect the Results are great resources to sign up for as we move forward after election day, making sure EVERY VOTE IS COUNTED. Choose Democracy has this new video: Four Keys to Defeat a Coup.  You can also sign NC’s Team Democracy pledge to protect our election.
As of today, there is one, possibly two Triangle area actions this week. Both request wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.
Nov. 4, Protect Our Vote Rally and March
3 pm, CCB Plaza at the Bull, 201 N. Corcoran St, downtown Durham
Join NC Raise Up, Durham Association of Educators, Sunrise Movement, Durham For All, Equality NC, the People’s Alliance and many other organizations to protect democracy and make sure every vote is counted at the Protect Our Vote Rally and March.
Our movement has been turning out the vote in record numbers especially among first time voters, young people, communities of color and low wage workers. Now, we need to protect those votes. President Trump and other politicians may want to pick and choose how our votes will be counted. They hope that by creating chaos and stoking fear, they can bully and cheat their way through this election. But we won’t let them. We are powerful enough to prevent any attempt to steal this election.

We will be a peaceful, sustained presence in the streets for as long as it takes to protect democracy and make sure the will of the people is respected. We are holding elected officials and elections officials accountable for ensuring that every vote gets counted.

**Paperhand Puppets will be at the Durham rally. Contact Jan Burger at [email protected] if you would like to help with the puppets.
Nov. 7, possibly 1 pm in Raleigh. Details forthcoming if it happens. If you RSVP at Protect the Results or sign the NC Team Democracy pledge (links above) you will receive updates.
Donna Chavis has an excellent op-ed Climate change, environmental justice in NC is on the ballot she co-wrote with Dr Marian Johnson-Thompson that was in the Fayetteville paper this past weekend.
Democracy Now! will be airing election coverage tonight online from 9-12 pm.
And something fun and new. Two climate journalists, Emily Atkin and Eric Holthaus, will be getting together tonight beginning at 6:30 pm on Heated’s you tube link with a list of some awesome climate activists. I will include Eric’s email update about it below that he shared today.
Lots of work still ahead of us! Take care of yourselves.
Peace and love for our beautiful Earth, Karen