Hope you were able to spend some time outside during the lovely spring weekend! LOTS of actions and events taking place this week for Earth Day and the next few weeks!
For those who weren’t able to join us for the April 1 Build Back Fossil Free Digital Rally, you will find the recording link below. We forgot to start recording at the beginning, so not included is the Build Back Fossil Free introduction and Belinda Joyner talking about the toxic wood pellet plant in Northampton County and the struggle to stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. I will attach a photo of the beautiful mandala artist Amy Livingstone created during the rally, inspired by the speakers.
Meeting Recording:
Access Passcode: eE3+212V
I loved what Dallas Goldtooth, from Indigenous Environmental Network, said last month leading up to the week of actions: “I appreciate your help in this struggle to fight the bad so that we can create space to build the good! Now is the time to Build Back Fossil Free!”
A few ACTIONS we talked about at the rally that you can do and share with others:
Tell President Biden: You can’t “build back better” unless you build back fossil free! Sign Letter here.
Send a letter to your Representative and Senators asking them to support the THRIVE Agendaand Southern Communities For a Green New Deal! Link to letter here.
Sign the Petition – Tell President Biden: #STOPMVP and #STOPMVP Southgate Extension pipeline
Indigenous water protectors and allies are fighting to protect their land. President Biden has the power to stop this project. He can review the permits granted and halt MVP and MVP Southgate construction immediately. Sign petition here.
May 2, No MVP Water Walk VA and NC
Join 7 Directions of Service, an Indigenous led organization, to walk the proposed route for the Mountain Valley Southgate pipeline. Starting near the proposed Lambert MVP Southgate Compressor Station in Pittsylvania County, VA, small groups will walk their portion of the route throughout the day and early evening at a time they choose. There will be gatherings of support for our waters and communities at the Dan River at 3 pm and Haw River at 6 pm.
Check out this great video of Crystal and Jason, the co-organizers of the walk, as they share more. Sign up here to walk (run, bike, canoe) part of the route and for more information.
April 19, Women and Feminists Act for Climate Justice
3 pm, online
Across the globe women and feminists are leading just solutions to the climate crisis that address economic inequality, white supremacy, patriarchy and colonization as we seek community-led solutions and climate justice across all sectors of society.
As governments and corporations commit to “net zero” climate pledges, we know what is needed is not more greenwashing, offset schemes, or market-based false solutions, but instead deep and rapid investment in care economics, community-led solutions, rights of nature, and women-led and feminist solutions that refuse the commodification of Nature or sacrifice people and sacrifice zones. Grassroots, frontline and Black, Brown, and Indigenous women leaders, alongside representatives from feminist international climate justice organizations, will speak out to share struggles and solutions based in a climate justice framework, including forest and biodiversity protection, Indigenous rights, agro-ecology, food sovereignty, fossil fuel resistance, and feminist climate policy. Watch the livestream on Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network’s Facebook page here.
Join Appalachian Voices for Earth Week 2021 April 19-22 for a series of virtual events to inspire climate action in our region and around the world. Includes The Condor and The Eagledocumentary screening with special guest, Crystal Cavalier-Keck, yoga with Matt, Google Earth Engine Workshop, and more. Details and registration here.
Earth Week Mini Film Fest April 19-25. A great opportunity to watch films like Closing the Loop, Dolores, and I Am Greta: A Force of Nature. More information here.
April 20-21, Youth Speaks Summit 2021
Earth Uprising International along with, Education International, and Hip Hop Caucus are coming together for three separate parallel climate summits on April 20th and 21st ahead of the Biden Administration’s global leaders’ climate summit. The three days of action begin on April 20th with a four-hour digital youth-led summit held by Earth Uprising, in partnership with international youth climate activists. More information here and here to join.

April 20, We Shall Breathe Summit

7 pm, online
Hosted by the Hip Hop Caucus  and coalition partners, the We Shall Breathe Earth Day Summit will be our Earth Day Celebration bringing the worlds of past movements chanting overcome, and current movements screaming breathe, together centering environmental and climate justice. We can’t breathe because of police brutality, pollution, policy, poverty, and the pandemic. Register here.
April 20, Grazing for the Future
6-7 pm
Join Regenerative Grazing NC for a discussion on regenerative grazing and its impacts on climate change. Moderator Mary Beth Miller from Carolina Farm Stewardship Association will lead the discussion with the panelists. Register here.
April 21, A Passion for the Planet: Art and Science in Concert
5-6:20 pm, online
At the convergence of art and science is a powerful message about the climate crisis. Scott Wing, Research Geologist and Curator of Paleobotany at the National Museum of Natural History, moderates a discussion between “A Passion for the Planet” composer Geoffrey Hudson, National Endowment for the Arts Chief of Staff Ra Joy, and climate scientist and author Michael E. Mann, about the intersection of art, storytelling and science. Following the conversation, stick around for a special director’s cut style performance of “A Passion for the Planet” with Hudson and Mann, whose famous “Hockey Stick” graph depicting the rapid rise in temperature change in the 20th century is set to music in Hudson’s oratorio. As the performance unfolds, Hudson and Mann will share commentary and answer questions live via chat. RSVP here.
April 22, Earth Day Live
12 pm. online
Parallel to the Biden Administration’s global climate summit, will have its second Earth Day Live digital event. Workshops, panel discussions, and special performances will focus on Restore Our Earth. You can watch it here.
April 22, Decolonizing Earth Day
7 pm
Haw River Assembly is hosting an online panel discussion with current and former Board members Nicole Spivey, Crystal Cavalier, Ayo Wilson, Jeannie Ambrose, and Maribel Sierra – bringing Black, Indigenous, Asian and Hispanic perspectives to issues of environmental activism, equity and justice. Join online here.
Support the Mountain Valley Pipeline Protest Run

From April 24th – May 3rd a team of three women will be running a relay style run, 415 miles from West Virginia to Virginia paralleling the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) construction path. The purpose of the run is to protest the building of the MVP, document the community and environmental impact of the pipeline, and raise donations to benefit the impacted community.  While on this journey the runners will interact with community members and collect their stories about how the MVP has impacted them personally. You can send donations here.
April 24, 3rd Annual Missing Murdered Indigenous Woman March
10 am – 1 pm, online
The absence of consistent, standardized reporting on the issue has prevented researchers from gaining a true understanding of the problem. NC is 8th in the nation for Human Trafficking, and we need to highlight this, raise awareness and prevent trafficking of Native peoples by educating them on what human trafficking is, available resources, safety tips, and ways to get involved in their communities. More information here and RSVP here.
April 28, A Faithful Call to Action on Voting Rights and Climate Change with Senator Reverend Warnock
2:30 pm
Join the discussion about how voting rights and racial justice are tied to making progress on climate change in a conversation Senator Rev. Warnock and Rev. Dr. Gerald L. Durley. RSVP here.
May 1, A Virtual Haw River Festival
4 pm
Going online with our Haw River Festival with 3 bands, plus, a silent auction, and river videos. Check the website for updates and online link.
MORAL MONDAYS Every Monday during President Biden’s First Hundred Days the Poor People’s Campaign will be meeting online for teachins, witnesses, music and phonebank action. Most Moral Mondays begin at 3 pm. Today they will be in Memphis. Join on their website or on their Facebook page.
NC Interfaith Power and Light hosted the Eco-Justice is Anti-Colonial program last month. Check out the recording of the great program here.
After the first public hearing took place last week, there are still five more hearings before the NC Utilities Commission on Duke Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 15 year plan). The remaining five public hearing dates are April 19, May 5, May 12, May 17, and May 26. You can watch the hearings on the Utilities Commission’s YouTube page here. The link will be posted there on the day of each hearing. These hearings will help determine the future of our state’s energy systems for the next 10 years. If you aren’t one of the 211 people who signed up to speak, you can email your comments to [email protected]. Put “Docket E-100, Sub 165” in the subject line. Click here or here for talking points.
Cancel the Mountain Valley Pipeline

With the MVP facing multiple environmental lawsuits, criminal investigations and its ability to obtain the permits to cross hundreds of waterways in question; it’s time for the partners Equitrans Midstream (ETRN), EQT Corp. (EQT), Con Ed (ED), NextEra (NEE), Alta Gas (TSX:ALA) and Roanoke Gas Resources (RGCO) to stop throwing good money into a failing project by canceling the MVP. Sign here.
Send emails to the Canadian Bank CEOs to demand that they STOP funding the toxic Line 3pipeline. #DefundLine3 Link here.
Tell Wells Fargo: Fire Charlies Noski!

Under Noski’s leadership, Wells Fargo has re-established itself as the world’s largest funder of fracking, doubled down on backing Line 3, and loaned billions to coal, oil and gas companies. Ahead of the April 26th shareholder meeting, we’re calling on all of Wells Fargo’s investors to vote Charlies Noski off the board for his lack of climate leadership. Sign letter here.

Thanks so much for reading and taking action! Peace and love for our beautiful Earth, Karen