Hoping you are safe and well. Wanted to share’s press release in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives.
Natalia and Rell’s article,  What we must do to dismantle white supremacy, includes many links to actions and resources.
“There is no just recovery for climate, without addressing the systemic extraction, harm and violence towards Black communities.”
Also below you will find an email from Dominique on’s webinar, What We Must Do to Dismantle White Supremacy, taking place TONIGHT at 8 pm, that you can register for.
Hope some of you will be able to join Joe and I on the webinar.
Peace and love for our beautiful Earth, Karen

It’s difficult to express the heartbreak, trauma, and anger that Black communities are feeling across the country, Karen.

As a Black woman, my life is always at risk. And the fear for my life has been heightened by this pandemic, where Black people account for the most hospitalizations and most deaths.

Even more so, when I see videos of anti-black state violence against the lives and bodies of Black people and Black communities, it reaches a fever pitch.

We must fight for justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Sean Reed, Tony McDade, and so many others. That means confronting white supremacy in order to build a climate movement rooted in justice. It’s up to all of us (especially White people and non-black people of color) to step up in this moment, which is why we’re hosting a webinar this Thursday to share resources and actions you can take right now.

Will you RSVP now for our webinar this Thursday, June 4th at 5pm PT/8pm ET to hear from Black organizers about how you can support Black lives in this key moment?

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This webinar will focus on what it means to truly fight for climate justice and how to center racial justice and equity. We’ll discuss ways to work towards dismantling white supremacy and actions you can take where you live to support Black lives.

The murder of these Black individuals simply living their lives – jogging, driving, breathing – is beyond horrific. Incidents like these aren’t new – they’re part of a long, painful history of oppression that’s designed to maintain white privilege in this country.

These sanctioned murders are the symptom of a broader virus in this country that oppresses and vilifies Black people in order to maintain white supremacy. The officer who murdered George has been arrested and charged. But that is not enough. We must address the violent and non-violent racism in America that has made being Black living in a constant traumatized state with no reprieve in sight.

There is no just recovery from this pandemic or climate justice without addressing systematic extraction, harm, and violence towards Black communities. To build the world we want, it requires more than transitioning our energy sources. We have to live and breathe in the defense and justice for Black lives every day, not just when their lives are taken on video. That means being more radical, more nimble, and intersectional in our work in order to confront white supremacy in ourselves and in every facet of our society.

Will you join us this Thursday to learn what actions you can take individually and collectively to defend the lives of Black people and work to dismantle systemic racism?

We must defend Black lives and take collective action until we’re all free.

In solidarity,