Happy Summer Solstice!!

One more reminder of the June 21st National Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers Assembly taking place TONIGHT at 5:30 pm! You can watch online at 3rdReconstruction.org or join in person at Halifax Mall, 300 N. Salisbury St, in downtown Raleigh, where Moral Mondays began years ago. Maybe we’ll see some of you in the crowd!
Several Actions!!
Crystal Cavalier’s 7 Directions of Service set up this action to the Virginia Air Board: Deny MVP’s Permit!
And if you haven’t already signed this letter to President Biden to say no MVP and MVP Southgate, here’s the link again.
The secret energy bill that Duke Energy has been working on behind closed doors for several months with NC Republican leaders was finally released last week. As expected, it’s totally unacceptable! Lisa Sorg has a good article about it here and one by Daniel Tait here. While they were hoping to rush HB951 through, after the committee meeting last week, it’s thankfully been slowed down with many in opposition. We’ll be keeping an eye on this!
For World Refuge Day yesterday, an article from 350.org:
World Refugee Day: Talking about climate and migration.
Please continue to call the White House at 888-724-8946 to urge President Biden to shut down the Line 3 pipeline & reject ALL new fossil fuel projects. Of course I mention the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) whenever I call, too.
A couple recent articles about Line 3:
The water means more
‘We will not stop’: pipeline opponents ready for America’s biggest environmental fight
Also taking place today!
From the Indigenous Women of the Americas Defending Mother Earth Treaty, 1,000 Letters to Biden.
For those of you on social media, help spread the word, join the Twitter storm, and follow them on Facebook here For everyone, write a hand written letter or email to President Biden. Much more information from Pennie Opal Plant below.
Thanks!! Peace and love for our beautiful Earth, Karen
You are invited to write a letter to President Biden to stop the Dakota Access and Line 3 pipelines. Our goal is 1,000 letters to Biden.

The sample letter is below. We encourage you to mail the letter to the White House:

President Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

EMAIL PRESIDENT BIDEN AT THE WHITE HOUSE: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

You will see that the letter is heartfelt and respectful. You are welcome to add your own comments to the letters and we ask that your comments stay respectful.

Please post your letters to Facebook and tag @WhiteHouse with these hashtags: #IndigenousWomenRising #1000LettersToBiden #BidenStopDAPL #BidenStopLine3

Feel free to add facts (link below) to the mailed letter – Emailed letters are limited in characters and must stay short as in sample letter.

More actions to take below:
June 21st: POTUS TWITTER STORM & TAG THE WHITE HOUSE! You are invited to join us to Tweet to POTUS and tag the White House on social media.


@POTUS @WHITEHOUSE You stopped the KXL and you have the power to ensure a safe, survivable world by stopping the DAPL and Line 3 pipelines. Do the right thing now! #SummerSolsticeAction #IndigenousWomenRising #StopDAPL #StopLine3

@POTUS @WHITEHOUSE We need clean water, air, and soil to survive and time is running out to ensure a sustainable future! Please stop DAPL and Line 3 pipelines now. Our future depends on you. #SummerSolsticeAction #IndigenousWomenRising #StopDAPL #StopLine3

@POTUS @WHITEHOUSE The future of all the babies is in your hands. An immediate transition off fossil fuels is imperative. Stop DAPL & Line 3 now!
#SummerSolsticeAction #IndigenousWomenRising #StopDAPL #StopLine3


Dear President Biden,

I am writing to you in solidarity with the San Francisco Bay Area Signatories on the Indigenous Women of the Americas Defending Mother Earth Treaty of 2015. I am concerned about whether there will be a safe, healthy, and sustainable world for generations to come.

Thank you for the direction that you are taking on mitigating climate disruption. We know that these steps come late and we are in a critical time to ensure a safe world. It may be impossible to stay below 1.5 degrees because necessary actions were not taken sooner. We both know that the fossil fuel industry must begin an immediate and just transition off fossil fuels for a survivable world.

It is alarming to know that there is less than 1.2% of fresh water in the world available to support life that does not inhabit oceans. Water is precious and I’m sure you agree that it must be protected especially from corporations such as the fossil fuel industry that emit toxins into water.

Thank you for stopping the Keystone XL pipeline. What a powerful example of your desire to mitigate climate disruption, honor Indigenous people and treaties, and signal to the fossil fuel industry that you are serious about the changes that must happen. I hope that you maintain your commitment and stop the Dakota Access pipeline and the Line 3 pipeline.

These two pipelines violate Indigenous people’s rights and treaties. You have the power to stop them. Doing so would recognize the rights of Native American tribes to protect what they need to simply exist: zero fossil fuel spills and leaks from oil pipelines, protected clean water, and protections of traditional foods and medicines that they have had relationships with since time immemorial.

Please stop Line 3 and the Dakota Access pipelines. I would appreciate a response to understand how you will be moving forward.

Most Respectfully,
(your name & tribal affiliation if you are a member of a tribe)