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On Wednesday, February 28, the Trump Administration will be holding a SHAM hearing in Providence on their plan for offshore oil drilling in New England.

Instead of allowing the public to speak and be heard, they are setting up kiosks with biased info on how wonderful oil and drilling are, and asking people to speak “one on one” with Interior Department sales reps for the plan.

That is NOT what democracy looks like. That is a format designed to suppress and dissipate dissent.

To counter their sham hearing, we will hold a REAL hearing, at the same time and in the same room. This will be a peaceful and bold event designed to showcase our opposition to both Trump’s drilling plans and their phony public comment mechanism.

We need your help to have a huge turnout for this event!

The Plan


Arrive at the Providence Marriott on Orms Street well before 5pm on Wednesday February 28. Enter the public meeting room where the sham hearing is occurring.

To the best of our ability, we will conduct a proper hearing, allowing attendees to speak for up to 1 minute each. Come prepared to applaud others’ statements, or if you like, deliver your own.

We have a right to be in the room, and we have a right to express our views to the federal government. Our action will make that loud and clear!



Ryan Zinke, Trump’s Interior Secretary, has announced the government’s intention to open up offshore oil drilling by 2020 in vast new ocean areas, including the entire coast of New England. []

This latest Trump affront to decency would sacrifice our beaches, fisheries, coastal communities, and wildlife for oil industry profits. All this at a time when science says we need to curtail fossil fuel burning to preserve a stable climate.

The Interior Department is holding 23 public meetings to explain their plan, including the one in Providence on January 25. [] The meeting is open to the public from 3-7pm. Our action within the public meeting will start shortly after 5pm.

Rhode Island’s public officials and environmental leaders are united in opposition to Trump’s plans.
[] A press conference featuring the governor and other leaders will be held at the State House library at 3:15pm on 2/28, before our action. A rally will also be held on the front patio of the State House, followed by a march over to the Marriott.

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