About Climate Action Rhode Island 

Climate Action Rhode Island (CARI) is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led  group focused specifically on the issue of climate change action we can take at the national, local, and individual levels. We are a local 350.org affiliate based in Rhode Island. We use the primary levers of policy and legislative change as well as nonviolent action and protest to advocate for a just transition of our economy away from fossil fuels. Our group has close to 3,000 members on our email list from across Rhode Island. Of these, 30-50 people are active on various committees.

Currently, CARI is made up of the following teams, although these evolve with our organization: 

  • Politics Team: focused on state legislation and regulation and political endorsements) 
    • Local branches of the the politics team working on municipal climate policy and local elections 
  • End Fossil Fuel Funding Team: focused on banks and divestment
  • Education Team: Currently focused on higher education and workforce prep
  • Recruitment and Activation Team: Focused on growing our member base and community outreach. 

We are working to integrate climate justice and equity considerations into all of these workstreams. We’d love to have you join us! 

About the role 

As the Organizer/ Community Manager, you will be responsible for coordinating and organizing our membership, communications and social media, and supporting researching grant and fundraising opportunities. 

We see this position as being a fit for a student or a professional with other activities, because we are only looking for about 10 hours of work a week. 

The Organizer/ Community Manager will report to CARI’s two Co-Presidents, Caitlin Sanford and Jeff Migneault, and will have weekly check-ins with one or both of them. 

Job responsibilities 

Note that since this is a part time role up to 10 hours a week, the Organizer/ Community Manager will only be asked to carry out some of these tasks each week. 

Membership management 

  • Maintain member lists
  • Respond to new members or other inquiries with either basic information about CARI or by routing to appropriate person
  • Follow up with members whose monthly contributions fail (usually due to old credit card information) 

Communication and social media 

  • Composing draft social media posts including for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and other platforms that come up. Drafts will be approved by CARI co-presidents before posting.  
  • Learning the tools of Action Network software and assisting in composing monthly newsletters and other communications 
  • Posting recording of meetings to YouTube
  • Keep the CARI website up to date, such as putting events into calendar.  
  • Assist with communicating and organizing meetings and actions.

Researching grants that CARI could apply to 

  • Carry out online research of grants available to small climate and environment non-profits for which CARI would be eligible. 
  • Compile these in a spreadsheet for tracking and application 

Attending meetings and meeting other groups

  • Attend CARI leadership, team, and community meetings as appropriate

Organization of documents and materials   

  • Carry out a reorganization of CARI’s Google Drive files 
  • Help keep files and materials organize

The position may require additional tasks as the organization’s needs evolve. 

Desired qualifications 

  • Strong interest in and commitment to mitigation and adaptation to the climate crisis. 
  • Highly organized: Able to keep track of tasks in a number of different areas while meeting deadlines and not forgetting any tasks.  
  • Computer skills:  Experience and facility with Google Suite including Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 
  • Technical and web skills necessary to learn Action Network and how to update the CARI website. 
  • Good communication skills – written and spoken.
  • Facility and experience with social media. Working on social media for a professional organization is preferred. 
  • Good judgment about how to present a growing climate non-profit to members and the public. 
  • Experience with or understanding of environmental justice issues is an asset 


  • The position will start at approx. 10 hours/wk with chance of increasing (as funding and workload allows).  
  • This work will be performed remotely, but should be carried out mostly in the state of Rhode Island so the Community Manager can attend in-person events and meet in-person occasionally. 
  • The Community Manager may use their own computer or a laptop can be provided if needed. Funds to cover the cost of internet access will also be made available. 
  • This position has an initial tenure of six months starting in approximately September or October 2023 (through February or March 2023) with the possibility to extend. December holiday weeks will be taken off as vacation, with flexibility to take other weeks off as well. 
  • Pay:    $20 per hour, employee is responsible for taxes through a 1099 tax form 
  •  The Organizer/ Community Manager will submit monthly invoices for hours worked, with permission to go above 40 hours per month to be approved by one of the Co-Presidents. 

How to apply 

  • To apply, please submit a resume and short 1-3 paragraph text about your interest in the position as a cover letter or in the body of the email  to [email protected]
  • We will shortlist candidates and conduct video-conference interviews in early September.
  • Please apply by Friday, September 8, 2023