Providence, RI — Tuesday, March 23, 2023 — Press Conference and Protest

Join Climate Action Rhode Island in partnership with Third Act ( for the March 23rd National Day of Action when people in cities and towns all over America will step up to tell the big banks to stop using their customers’ money to fund the fossil fuel industry. The big banks including: Chase Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank and CitiBank invest hundreds of billions of dollars financing fossil fuel production. On March 23rd customers of these banks who have signed a pledge will withdraw their funds and close their bank accounts and credit card accounts so as not to have their money used to fund the climate destruction that is wrought by the production and burning of fossil fuels for energy.

CARI’s End Fossil Fuel Funding Team has been compiling data to create a fossil fuel funding report card of the largest institutions in Rhode Island.
The report will be released to the public to create transparency about which large institutions in Rhode Island invest in the fossil fuel industry so that we can pressure these institutions to divest their funds and end this harmful practice.
On March 23, CARI will hold a press conference in Providence to announce the fossil fuel funding report card for the media and the public.


Following the press conference, people who have pledged to close their accounts will cut up their dirty bank credit cards or bank debit cards in a ceremony for all to see.

17, 000 fossil fuel bank customers and non-customers across the country have signed pledges to not do business with banks that fund the fossil fuel industry.
Other local big banks TD Bank and Santander are also heavy fossil fuel funders along with Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and CitiBank.
We recommend doing your credit card and banking with any local credit union or small Rhode Island bank. Washington Trust does not do any fossil fuel financing.

How can you get involved?

First, if you choose, sign the pledge not to do business with the fossil fuel funding banks. SIGN PLEDGE HERE

Both non-customers and customers of the fossil fuel banks are welcome to attend our action on March 23.

Sign up to join our action on March 23. We will send you details of the location and event reminders.
9:45 am — Press Conference in downtown Providence
10:45 am — Bank card cutting

Sign the pledge to Stop Dirty Banking in RI:

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