In the general election for Congress in Rhode Island’s 2nd District, CARI endorses General Treasurer Seth Magaziner in the strongest possible terms.


CARI for Seth Magaziner


Action to address the climate crisis has been one of Treasurer Magaziner’s top priorities. As Treasurer, Magaziner led the State Investment Commission to cut our pension fund’s fossil fuel investments in half, and put us on track to be the first state to divest completely from fossil fuels, by 2030. He has also taken an active role in using Rhode Island’s shareholder power to hold corporations such as Archer Daniels Midland accountable for their climate impact. Magaziner has advocated for reducing Rhode Island’s carbon emissions—testifying for 2021’s Act on Climate—and in support of the job creation, environmental justice, and energy transition policies of the Green New Deal. Last but not least, Magaziner spearheaded the creation of the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank—a public/private funding stream for clean energy and energy efficiency that has been wildly successful. Since 2015, the RIIB has deployed over $700M in loans and grants across the state, creating over 17,000 jobs and over $150M in savings for local communities and businesses.

In Congress, Treasurer Magaziner will continue his work to create clean energy jobs that benefit Rhode Island’s unionized workers, frontline communities, and our environment. Magaziner’s track record as a responsible steward of our finances and our environment has earned him CARI’s strongest possible endorsement.

Magaziner’s strengths are even more apparent when contrasted with the record of so-called “moderate” Republican Allan Fung. Fung’s support for climate-denying, election-denying Kevin McCarthy to become the next Speaker of the House is anything but moderate. Fung’s travel with McCarthy to Wyoming to celebrate MAGA Republicans’ defeat of Liz Cheney is not moderate. Fung’s public opposition to even the Joe Manchin compromise climate bill that President Biden signed into law is not moderate. His climate obstructionism is nothing new: in 2014, Fung opposed the Resilient Rhode Island Act—a bill that merely set voluntary emission-reduction targets for our state.

Fung with his choice for Speaker, election denier Kevin McCarthy

When it comes to preserving our climate and safeguarding our children’s future, Allan Fung is not a moderate. Rhode Island must not send him to Washington. CARI implores you to vote for the candidate who truly represents Rhode Island’s values: Seth Magaziner.

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