Endorsed Candidate: Sam Bell
Candidate for: State Senate, District 5 (Providence)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – Providence/N. Providence region

CARI is pleased to again endorse incumbent Senator Sam Bell for re-election in Senate District 5. Sam is a geological scientist with a deep knowledge and commitment to addressing our current climate crisis. First elected and endorsed by CARI in 2018, Sam has worked hard since then to promote progressive legislation on the environment and across the board.

He was a supporter of the Environmental Council of Rhode Island’s Act on Climate 2020 bill, which would have introduced the first mandatory greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for RI. Yet Sam sees this bill as a first step and has expressed his desire to work with CARI and other environmental groups to craft comprehensive climate legislation in the form of a Green New Deal for RI. When re-elected he will also immediately continue his efforts to preserve natural green spaces, block further expansion of natural gas infrastructure in our State, reform building codes to promote energy efficiency and prevent sprawl, and further develop green transportation in our State. Sam has also acted as a fearless advocate for change at the State House as one of only two senators to vote against the current Senate President. A capable and committed ally for the climate, Sam has earned CARI’s enthusiastic endorsement for a second term.