Endorsed Candidate: David Morales
District: House D7 (Elmhurst, Mount Pleasant and Valley)
CARI Team: “Woo” team (N. Providence/Providence/Johnston)

CARI is excited to endorse challenger David Morales in RI House district 7. David is a brilliant, energetic, hard-working progressive activist and the youngest graduate of Brown University’s Masters in Public Affairs program. He has since been engaged in climate action, including working to prevent the construction of a proposed natural gas processing plant in South Providence.

When elected, David intends to push for bold climate action with a goal of transitioning our State to renewable energy by 2030—and he has the energy and work ethic to get us there. He is motivated to work with CARI and other environmental groups to activate and call citizens to action through public events, town halls and demonstrations. His vision involves transforming the “do nothing on climate” atmosphere at the State House, where environmental hearings are often quiet affairs largely attended by paid lobbyists, into packed rooms filled with concerned citizens. As a legislator David will fight to protect our state’s drinking water, instate a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure, and work with allies to develop Green New Deal legislation that will create jobs and economic opportunity in RI while also addressing the climate crisis.

David sees our State’s budget as a moral document outlining our priorities and values and believes we should be investing in the future of our citizens, protecting working families and our environment. David Morales will be a strong ally in the fight to address the climate crisis in our State, and CARI is proud to endorse his candidacy.