Update 1/28/2020:
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Take Action!

In the #CutTheChaseChallenge, we’ll cut up our Chase credit cards on video, with the help of a friend or pet, pledging to use a different card instead. Then we’ll post the videos on social media to demand that the No. 1 funder of fossil fuels worldwide, JPMorgan Chase, divest from fossil fuels by 2030.

We’ll all prepare our videos in advance (don’t worry, we’ll send detailed instructions), and then post them on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) starting on November 22. You can join the challenge any time, and participate from anywhere.

We’re rolling this out in time for Black Friday, just when banks want us using their credit cards.

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Why Chase?

JPMorgan Chase is by far the biggest funder of the fossil fuel industry. The #CutTheChaseChallenge is one of dozens of projects that have been organized across the US for the climate, demanding that Chase change its ways.

Read more:

The “Banking on Climate Change” report by Rainforest Action Network and partners

New Yorker article: “Money is the Oxygen on which the Fire of Global Warming Burns,” by Bill McKibben

Rainforest Action Network article: “The 32 Men Funding Climate Chaos”

Will this affect my credit score?

It might. Be sure to look into how this could affect your credit score. If you do decide to cut up your card in the #CutTheChaseChallenge, you may want to simply stop using the card instead of closing that card entirely, especially if it is your oldest line of credit. 

Read here for some considerations about credit cards. 

How many people are participating?

We have several dozen sign-ups for the November 22, 2019, kick-off social media storm, and we hope to approach 100 videos posted throughout the challenge.

The #CutTheChaseChallenge is one of dozens of projects that have been organized across the US. 

To name just a few: 

  • On October 29,  grassroots leaders disrupted JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon at a UCLA event.
  • In September, 350.org affiliates and others across the country held “Call Jamie Dimon” days of action to flood the CEO’s office with calls demanding that Chase stop funding fossil fuels. 
  • 350 Seattle has “evicted” Chase branches from their offices. 
  • Minnesota students can be seen protesting Chase in this great video
  • And Sunrise RI and Climate Action RI have been protesting a new Chase branch in Rhode Island. 

Does my video have to be perfect?

No, your video does not have to be perfect! Just get the key points across, using our script if that’s helpful. Make it with a pet or friend if you can—internet videos with pets get shared more. (And friends help us stay motivated.)

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