Join CARI online on July 6 to learn about the current status and immense potential of offshore wind energy for Rhode Island. Our featured speaker will be Dugan Becker from Mayflower Wind.

Topics will include:
* High-level overview of offshore wind energy: benefits and considerations, the infrastructure/technology involved, permitting & development processes, and how offshore wind fits into the path to net zero.
* Current offshore wind efforts in New England, and Rhode Island specifically.
* How to stay informed/get involved in RI wind happenings.

Dugan Becker serves as a Community Liaison Officer at Mayflower Wind, leading community engagement efforts within Rhode Island and the SouthCoast of MA. Prior to joining Mayflower Wind, he worked at the UMass Clean Energy Extension, helping 280 MA towns establish, track, and work towards their clean energy and emissions reduction goals under the State’s Green Communities Program.

Full disclosure: Mayflower Wind is sponsored by Shell plc, a company guilty of numerous human rights abuses not to mention its appalling contribution to biosphere destruction through fossil fuel extraction. Its investments in renewable energy, such as through the Mayflower Wind venture, are still small compared to its investments in oil. We applaud efforts to increase renewable energy production if, and only if, they are matched by cuts to fossil fuels.