Climate Action Rhode Island (CARI), the Rhode Island affiliate of, is proud to announce its enthusiastic endorsement of 13 candidates for State House seats in Rhode Island.

The climate crisis poses an existential threat to humanity and Rhode Island in particular; our survival depends on taking bold action. CARI is committed to this action by regularly advocating for legislation in the State House, performing peaceful demonstrations, facilitating public education, and endorsing political candidates. We make endorsements based on the candidate’s commitment to policies that support renewable energy, ratchet down carbon emissions, and move our society towards a sustainable future, as well as on the dynamics of their race.

The candidates CARI has endorsed for the 2018 General Election are:

  • Marcia Ranglin-Vassell, House 5, Providence
  • Justine Caldwell, House 30, East Greenwich
  • Teresa Tanzi, House 34, Narragansett/South Kingstown
  • Lauren Niedel, House 40, Foster/Glocester/Coventry
  • Michael Steiner, House 41, Scituate/western Cranston
  • Liana Cassar, House 66, Barrington/East Providence
  • Laufton Ascencao, House 68, Bristol/Warren
  • Susan Donovan, House 69, Bristol/Portsmouth
  • Terri Cortvriend, House 72, Middletown/Portsmouth
  • Sam Bell, Senate 5, Providence
  • Dawn Euer, Senate 13, Jamestown/Newport
  • Michael Fine, Senate 21, Scituate/Foster/Coventry/West Greenwich
  • Bridget Valverde, Senate 35, East Greenwich/North Kingstown/South Kingstown/Narragansett

CARI has reviewed the track record of each of these candidates and determined that each has a history of driving efforts to fight the climate crisis, and has made protecting the environment against climate change one of their top priorities.

Climate Action RI enthusiastically endorses each of these candidates for elective office, and we believe that each will help lead our state to the forefront of climate action, environmental sustainability, and shared prosperity. We call on Rhode Island voters to volunteer their time in canvassing and GOTV efforts for these candidates leading up to the election, and just as importantly, urge them to cast their votes on Tuesday, November 6th.


Kendra Anderson, President (Warwick, RI)