Event Details:
Where: 143 Union St. Kingston, Ontario

When: 5:30-6:00pm

Rally outside the City of Kingston’s Strategic Planning meeting to let councillors and the mayor know that inaction is negligent. We don’t have time for inaction. This is a climate emergency crisis and the strategic plan guiding the next four years needs to reflect that.

Wear red, bring your flashing lights, sirens, noise makers and whatever you feel is appropriate to show our city that we need them to take this seriously and act responsibly.

Other Canadian cities have committed to act within timelines which reflect the urgency of our current situation. For example the City of Ottawa’s Climate Emergency Declaration has set clear, measurable, timely targets, while including all community emissions.  Toronto, Vancouver and other cities have committed to Net-Zero Buildings by 2030. Kingston was poised to be a leader in Ontario through being the first city to declare a climate emergency. Now Kingston is poised to be a big disappointment; a community not to watch on how to address climate change.

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We Need You

With activism—and especially with climate activism—it’s easy to feel like the problems are so big you can’t do anything to make change.

We get that. That’s why we’re working together. The more voices we have calling for action, the stronger that call becomes.

Please get involved.