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1. It’s warming
2. It’s us 
3. We’re sure
4. It’s bad
5. We can fix it ​
        Kim Nicholas – climate scientist.

Globally, fossil fuel subsidies were $5.9 trillion in 2020 .  This is 11 Million US dollars per minute!   Canada subsidizes fossil fuels at the rate of $9 Million (CDN) per hour.  Source: International Monetary Fund  Working Paper No. 2021/236.

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The WMO (World Meteorological Organization) report found that “economic losses related to weather, climate and water extremes have increased ten-fold over the past 50 years” in the North America, Central America and Caribbean region”. 

“If you really think that the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money.”  Guy McPherson

Jennifer Granholm, United States Energy Secretary rejects the status quo on climate policy and pointed out that too many people say that ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can’t be reached.  “Climate disasters worldwide tell us that the scariest thing we could do is nothing at all.  Let’s prove we can meet this moment.”

“I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is.”   Greta Thunberg

    • Environmental DefenseDefending clean water, a safe climate,
      and healthy communities
    • 350 Kingston a group of Kingston area citizens committed to taking action on climate change
    • LeadNow Leadnow is a people-powered movement fighting for a better Canada (Healthy Environment; Just Society; Fair Economy; Open Democracy)

From the CBC (Article here):  “Canadian fossil fuel producers receive more public financial support than any others in the developed world, according to a new analysis.”  “On average, the  report finds G20 countries provided about 2.5 times more support for fossil fuels than renewables.  In Canada, the ratio is 14.5.

  • Gavin’s Favourites:
  • Kingston Residents – Personal Actions
    • Become informed on the climate emergency
    • Advocacy to all levels of government (and businesses) for BOLD climate action – mandate switch to non fossil fuel cars and trucks, stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, building standards, electrification of public transit, reduction of disposable plastics,…
    • Buying / leasing an electric vehicle
    • Home efficiency
      • Deep retrofits to reduce energy demands
      • Heating system upgrades – heat pumps (air / ground geoexchange)
      • Energy efficient appliances – heat pump water heaters, heat pump clothes dryers, drain water heat recovery
      • Rooftop solar
      • Switch to LED lights, diligently turn off lights not in use, use power bars or unplug chargers, etc. to reduce phantom loads
    • Green Investing, advocacy for pension funds, pressuring banks to divest from fossil fuels.
      • Switch to a Credit Union.  (Information here).
      • Here is a report on Fossil Fuel financing by banks
    • Fly less / offset flights
    • Buy less stuff, buy second hand, fix vs replace
    • Eat less meat, grow some of your food, reduce food waste
    • Support education of girls, family planning worldwide

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We Need You

With activism—and especially with climate activism—it’s easy to feel like the problems are so big you can’t do anything to make change.

We get that. That’s why we’re working together. The more voices we have calling for action, the stronger that call becomes.

Please get involved.