East Asia is a critical region in this fight as the host of many fossil fuel energy development sites, which are proved detrimental to local communities and ecosystems. East Asia is also home to many nations that are financing the fossil fuel industry, both domestically and internationally.

350.org East Asia is sowing the seeds of energy revolution by empowering communities that are fighting fossil-fuel projects on the ground, demanding that finance in coal and other fossil fuel projects be moved toward clean renewable energy, and pushing their governments to end their political dependence on coal.

In response to this need 350.org East Asia has established the East Asia Climate Leadership Camp (EACLC) to serve as part of the East Asia Climate Leadership Program, which aims to provide a venue for organizations and individuals in the region to learn and exchange campaign ideas with each other.


From the 1st gathering in Vietnam, we have provided training to a wide range of youth climate leaders on methods to tackle fossil fuel industry. And during the 2nd gathering in South Korea, we pushed further to form the Divest East Asia Network (DEAN) with key countries and regions (Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam…etc) with fossil fuel struggles on the ground. And this year we hope to widen DEAN and amplify more struggle stories in our region.

More stories on EACLC#2, please check the story in South Korea here.

At the camp in 2017, you will be able to work more collaboratively on stopping fossil fuel financial flows campaign initiatives (Check more here) or storytelling fossil fuel struggles (Check more on FrontlineHeros and VulnerableVoices) with each other and brainstorm long term campaign strategy in your locality and wider to the East Asia region.



This camp, organized by the 350.org East Asia will enable participants to:

  • Learn together mainly on 3 pieces of work rooted in 350.org East Asia: Iconic campaigns standing against fossil fuel projects, divestment campaign initiatives and storytelling of frontline struggles on fossil fuel projects.
  • Build up long term regional Fossil Free Vision and campaign directions and revisit mechanism (Email group and monthly calls information please check here) of how we work together as individual climate leaders, organizational partners and regional activists networks via Online Orientation Web Workshop before EACLC#3.
  • Strategize how to adapt decentralized / distributed campaign model to our regional climate movement and what our strength and weakness will be for us to move forward with that.
  • Learn more about how other DEAN members tackle climate crisis (especially on campaign tactics, tips and share lessons learned from campaigns in each countries) via open space session to share skills with each others.
  • Conduct storytelling on climate impact to stop fossil fuel project on the ground to amplify #Frontline Hero and #Vulnerable Voices.
  • Understand various political trends and possibilities of policy changes in different country context, while we are working on climate change campaigns.
  • Plan together as a region to explore potential possibilities, strategies, ideas on campaign work including, divestment, anti-coal, air-pollution…etc.


Application procedure

The application period will be open from now till 16th July 23:59 GMT+8, the interview will be conducted by 350.org East Asia team between 17th – 21st July, and the finalized participants list and official notification will be announced before 24th July 23:59 GMT+8 via Email.



  • Are in good mental, physical, and emotional health;
  • Are open to meet new people and build networks with others from East Asia;
  • Agree and willing to align with 350 East Asia partners to commit working together with Divest East Asia Network;
  • Have commitment to contribute to ongoing campaigns / start a network that aligns with with the Fossil Free East Asia direction;
  • With necessary English proficiency in listening and speaking required for active participation;
  •  Have a strong interest in and extensive knowledge about climate change, its causes and impacts, the fossil fuel industry, divestment and running successful campaigns.


  • A completed up online Applications Form;
  • A 300-word campaign/ project plan post EACLC#3 in English filled in Application Form:
  • A short resume (no more than two pages) containing information of your educational background, work experience and current work responsibilities/roles in your organizationSend it to [email protected]
  • A valid passport with more than 6 months’ validity;
  • Interested in continuing the engagement/involvement to work with your local 350.org staff or group for at least 6 months after attending EACLC#3;
  • Have permission from your employer, academic supervisor/ school /universities and /or parents to be in Taichung, Taiwan for the FULL period of EACLC#3;
  • Complete the application form by 16th July and available for interview between 17th – 21st July, and available to join online orientation web workshop on the 1st week of August as part of the preparation toward EACLC#3, if not available please notify before the interview.

When is the EACLC?

  • 17-21 August, 2017 (Thu – Mon, including Traveling Days)

What it will look like?

  • August 17 Thu. (Arrival)
  • August 18  Fri. (Day 1)
  • August 19 Sat. (Day 2)
  • August 20 Sun. (Day 3)
  • August 21 Mon. (Departure/ Optional Travel)

Where is it: Taichung, Taiwan

The camp will be aligned with East Asia Climate Leadership program and East Asia Climate Web Workshop to achieve 350.org’s global work. This camp is hosted and financially supported by 350.org East Asia team, depending on regional applicants’ circumstances. For more other information please directly contact:

Mr. Liangyi Chang

East Asia Regional Campaign Coordinator


[email protected]

Or any other languages from 350.org East Asia please contact other staff members