Nov 5th-8th 2015

Climate Change demands urgent, decisive action.

That’s why from November 4th-8th, hundreds of people from across Canada took bold action by staging sit-ins outside Prime Minister Trudeau’s residence.  Everyday, gifts were delivered to the Prime Minister to demand that he …

Climate Welcome — Day 4 in Review


On Sunday November 8th, Day 4 of Climate Welcome, we gathered at Rideau Falls Park once again. On this day, we went in knowing we weren’t risking arrest but we we were determined, nonetheless, to deliver a strong message in


Day 3 of Climate Welcome in Review


On Day 3 of Climate Welcome, we doubled our numbers once again with over 120 people risking arrest outside the Prime Minister’s residence. These folks had come in from all over the country: from Vancouver to Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec City, …


Climate Welcome — Day 2 in Review


When we gathered once again at Rideau Falls Park this morning, we were met with cloudy skies, a soft drizzle and a bit of an aggressive wind — but the crowd of bold, courageous demonstrators wasn’t deterred. Right as we


Climate Welcome — Day 1 in Review

It’s pretty much impossible to deny the reality of climate change when you’re outdoors without so much as a sweater at the beginning of November in Canada — which was the case for the majority of the participants taking part …


What to expect when you’re getting arrested


Patricia Warwick is certainly a committed member of the climate justice community. Last year, she participated in the People’s Climate March in spite of a broken arm, in 2010, she braved a long bus ride to Cancun, Mexico, for COP