Daniel Daniel, October 15, 2015


From November 5th – 8th, we’ll be creating a kind of ‘Welcoming Committee’ outside the Prime Minister’s residence to welcome the new leader to office and remind him that the people expect leadership on climate change. It’ll be a welcoming party of sorts — which means there will most certainly be some memorable gifts.

On the first day, we’ll deliver the evidence that confirms we must keep tar sands under the ground. On this day, we’ll present a basket of broken treaties — with documentation of the hundreds of violations of Indigenous rights that have taken place in the tar sands. We’ll also supply the Prime Minister with scientific journal papers that confirm the majority of tar sands must stay in the ground in order to prevent climate catastrophe, along with reports which confirm that reliance on fossil fuels will have devastating impacts on our economy.

On the second day, we’ll deliver the signatures of thousands of people across the country that have signed a petition against tar sands and pipelines. Any Prime Minister in this country must understand the full magnitude of opposition to the tar sands — and there’s no better way to communicate that than handing over a massive list of the names of the people standing in opposition.

On the third day, November 7th, we’ll shine a spotlight on grassroots movements across Canada that have been fighting to defend their communities and our climate from reckless pipeline expansion. The gifts on this day will provide a powerful image of what’s at risk if these pipelines are built. We’re going to do this by providing water samples from the rivers, lakes and coastlines that tar sands pipelines would put at risk, and from water bodies that have already been poisoned as a result of the tar sands.

The gift we’re presenting on November 7th will be from people across Canada — and we would love to represent as many grassroots struggles as possible — but to do that, we’ll need some support. We’d love for you and your community to join in by sending us a water sample.

What You’ll Need

  1. A plastic bottle that can contain water
  2. Masking Tape
  3. Permanent Marker
  4. A letter or note to the Prime Minister

Step 1 – Write Your Message to the Prime Minister

We’ll be delivering all of these directly to the Prime Minister’s doorstep in Ottawa, so take  a moment to write a short note on a cue card (3 x 5) to the Prime Minister that details your concerns and the kind of action you want to see.

Step 2 – Prepare the Bottle

This is simple, but before you fill it label your plastic bottle with masking tape and permanent marker with the following: the date, the body of water, the province or territory. 

Step 3 – Fill and Seal the Bottle

Head down to the body of water that you’ll be sending the water from and fill your bottle or bottles. Make sure to take photos and send them to us so we can share the story about water coming from all across Canada to be delivered to 24 Sussex.

If you’re sending a delegation to Ottawa, this is a great opportunity to organize a media event locally. Invite the press and turn gathering the water into an action. If you’re able to do this, contact [email protected] for more information.

Before you send the water bottle, make sure it’s sealed tightly! You may even want to wrap the seal in tape to ensure it stays put.

* Because we don’t want these to break while they are travelling across the country by post, plastic bottles are the safest but we encourage recycled or reusable bottles

Step 4 – Let us know that you’re sending it.

Two options for making sure the water bottle gets to Ottawa on time!

By Mail: Mail your bottle at the latest on October 27th (cities can mail by October 30th). To send by mail, please fill out this short google form and we’ll send you directions on where to send the bottles. This way we can track where water is being sent from and know to expect yours.

We suggest sending it through Canada Post. You will need to send it in a cardboard box that fits for the bottle. Depending on the weight of the package and size of the water bottle, the cost should be between $10-20.

With a delegation: If you’re sending a delegation and want to send the water with them in their luggage, that’s great! Let us know on this form so we can expect it to arrive. Make sure that the delegation and water arrive by November 6th for water to be used the next morning. Please bring it at the training on the Friday evening.

Step 5 – Send us the bottle and share your stories! 

Once the bottle is in the mail, share photos and more about what you’re sending us and why. On social media you can tell your story using the hashtag #climatewelcome. We’ll track these and amplify the stores! We also encourage you to write blogs and get some media coverage like these folks in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Every Welcome Party needs gifts — it just so happens that the one we’re hosting for the Prime Minister from November 5th – 8th will feature gifts that will require a response from the recipient. In light of the mounting evidence confirming we can’t expand fossil fuels and the extent of opposition to the tar sands, we’re asking the Prime Minister to do much more than answer to the people. We’re demanding a real commitment to climate action that means freezing the tar sands and accelerating a transition to a justice-based, clean energy economy.  

On the last day, we’ll deliver a surprise gift for the Prime Minister — one that shows the new leader that we have the technological solutions, we just need the right policies to begin the transition to a clean energy economy. Stay tuned for more updates on the Climate Welcome action.

People have already started sending us their water samples! This is a sample collected by Sibylle Walke from Paisley, Ontario at the confluence of Teeswater and Saugeen rivers.

People have already started sending us their water samples! This is a sample collected by Sibylle Walke from Paisley, Ontario at the confluence of Teeswater and Saugeen rivers.