We founded this chapter of 350.org to bring together our voices to amplify goals we share, through the vehicle of an organization that shares these goals and allows for autonomous local chapters.

The goals:

  • Support the Green New Deal which advocates rapid, comprehensive, systemic action on climate on a WWII Marshall Plan/FDR New Deal level timeline and approach.  Included are principles of environmental and social justice and a just transition for workers and frontline communities.  
  • We are explicitly anti nuclear:  Extraction, power, weapons, waste dumping.
  • We are anti fossil fuel development:  Keep it in the ground. Stop generating greenhouse gases.
  • We are particularly opposed to fracking and the associated fossil fuel pipeline infrastructure. From fracked gas wellheads, to Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) terminals, to points of use, local communities are threatened by water polluted by proprietary toxic chemicals, and by the inevitable leaked methane. We oppose building additional infrastructure that could last 40 years and that guarantees climate collapse
  • We are pro renewable energy and conservation, particularly democratically controlled mechanisms like municipal power authorities and energy co-ops.
  • We are opposed to the greenwash of false solutions that give cover to schemes that are more about protecting corporate profit than rapidly addressing the climate crisis:  E.g. HR 763, and Carbon Capture and Storage which profits off fracking operations and can be used to develop more single use plastics.

We also evaluate approaches from the local level on up, in terms of how they fit into the framework of a Green New Deal:

  • Bricks on the road to a GND:  E.g. Dingell’s new bill
  • Entire segments of pavement:  E.g. the Off Fossil Fuels Act, the Green New Deal for public housing
  • Detours that will take us over the climate cliff:  E.g. HR 763
  • Greenwash:  Using even decent small bills as an excuse for incremental change that serves to block the Green New Deal

The How:

  • A trio of co-equal founders, with the possibility of adding a small number of people who share these goals and methods, meet monthly to plan and organize
  • We will make it clear that we are equal, and that we respect each other.  
  • We do not ever use a platform provided by Washtenaw350 to allow anyone to greenwash or to denigrate the Green New Deal or youth led actions.
  • If we have disagreements, we will meet to resolve them sooner rather than later, and we will not silence each other in a public meeting.

The Methods:

  • A FB page and website for sharing information
  • Meetings in different places in Washtenaw County, bringing together advocates and interested citizens to:
  • Share information on issues
  • Take immediate action
  • Assign “homework”
  • Share additional information and actions (in person and on our FB page)
  • Encourage people to join and donate to 350.org and 350.org actions to support the necessary national staff infrastructure and resources. Individuals who sign up for our emails may receive requests for donations from the national 350.org.
  • We will not create a bank account or a C3 or C4 for Washtenaw350, but we do support the C3 & C4 efforts of 350.org.
  • We will give kudos to good legislation, action, activists and politicians when they do good things in light of our goals.  We will sometimes get information about these things from national 350 org/action and more often from our numerous other sources.
  • We will call out bad bills and bad action as we see them, in the context of our Washtenaw350 goals.