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Letters to the Editor on the General Plan Update

On August 6, the VC Board of Supervisors decide what policies will go in the county’s Draft General Plan Update. Adding strong environmental policies will become more difficult after that, so now is the time to speak up.

Following the release of the Preliminary Draft of the VC General Plan 2040 update, 350 VC Climate Hub submitted recommendations on changes to reflect the increased urgency with which our county must respond to the Climate Crisis.

We need people from throughout the county to let the VC Board of Supervisors know that care for our environment is essential, and that they need to incorporate those recommendations to buildĀ  strong policies for environmental sustainability in the VC General Plan update.

Letter-writing will make a big difference in the campaign to add strong environmental policies in the General Plan Update.

Click on the topics below for guidelines on writing letters to the editor, where to send them, talking points and topics to choose from.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Where to Send itĀ 

Top Priorities – The Green 13


Other Topics


All-Electric New Housing

Electric Transportation

Make Polluters Pay

Regenerative Water and Agriculture

Increase Green Space

Water – Slow it, Spread it, Sink it

Grey Water

Water Resilience

Sunset Oil Production by 2040

Cut Green House Gas Emissions

Carbon Tax on Oil and Gas Extraction, Flaring and Leakage

Strengthen Environmental Policy in the General Plan Update

Housing and Zoning



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