greenkitty greenkitty, June 7, 2017
THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 5:30-8:30 P.M.
Ventura County Board of Supervisors Hearing Room, Administration Building, County Government Center, 800 Victoria, Ventura, southwest parking lot.
Fill out Public Comment Cards. Some of us must leave at 6:30 for the Climate Hub Meeting down the street (it was advertised in too many places to cancel it). CFROG and some others will stay at the Planning Commission.
The Planning Department refuses to fast-track the Climate Action Plan. Our county has no goals or target dates to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or transition to 100% renewable energy.  Local government sluggishness about climate action must change.
Who will livestream on Facebook VC Climate Hub page?
Signs 8.5 X 11, no sticks, blue and green theme.
“Fast Track Climate Action Plan”
“100% Clean Energy 2035”
“Stop New Oil Drilling”
“Reward for Healthy Soil”
To seriously follow the General Plan Update process, check out the site. What they decide in the next three years will guide the next 20 years. Here is the current set of documents for all sections of the General Plan: Apparently these are not on this week’s agenda; what is on Thursday’s agenda is what we value: Let’s tell them!
Sign up for General Plan updates:

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