Ukrainian Youth Climate Association

Be the change you want to see in this world. Mahatma Gandhi.

A thousand miles journey begins from a single step, as prominent changes in society up-scale from grassroots initiatives. The shift from disastrous economics of growth to sustainable development requires fundamental changes in our social structures. Weak hierarchies have to be replaced by strong polycentric governance networks, while deep understanding of complex socio-ecological challenges, active civic engagement and creativity are vital elements of this change.

Ukrainian Youth Climate Association is a dynamic platform for development and interaction of sustainability change agents. We facilitate multi-stakeholder cooperation over pressing environmental issues and create opportunities for active youth from all-over the country to kick-start their own sustainability projects. Working with like-minded partners we expand our knowledge, share best practices and create a better Ukraine with our own hands.

Our aim for 2015 is to bring up a critical mass of youth capable to facilitate shift towards governance mechanisms and lifestyle choices that effectively tackle global environmental change and continuously strengthen social-ecological resilience. Our instruments are our projects:

Take and make (or wake and bake)
The campaign of practical eco-interventions: start a project to make your city better, people – happier and planet – safer. Web-site:

Educational and practical forum, aimed at shift of power to communities and implementation of practical projects for climate mitigation and adaptation. Web-site:!/

Sustainable lifestyles: a pathway to healthy planet
Low-carbon lifestyles experiment for Ukrainians. The first wave will be introduced in spring, 2013.

Sustainable livelihoods
We work with educational institutions, communities and companies to create best practices of collaborative transition to sustainability – helping to create tool-libraries, eco-lofts ect.

Activists – Sergiy Yefimov (093) 762-46-49  [email protected]
Partners – Inna Datsiuk (063)155-19-32  [email protected]