The impacts of climate change are already being felt in India. We have noticed a certain rise in frequency of floods, droughts, unpredictable monsoons, increasing temperatures and now their impacts on human health, agriculture and livelihoods is turning out to be disastrous. India’s rapid industrialisation through its dependence on fossil fuels is only adding to the problem that we had historically little to contribute towards.

Now climate change is an issue that we simply cannot escape! Developed or developing country, all nations need to act and India can be a true leader in showing the world how development can take place through clean, decentralised renewable and sustainable sources of energy. There has unfortunately been little progress from the Indian Government in acknowledging the scale of the challenge ahead of us and how we can act on it. We are pinning our hopes on the Western developed world to take action but that is an unsafe gamble with millions of human lives at stake.

As young people, our role in urging our Government and fellow citizens is greater than ever before. As an important stakeholder, we have to mobilise and move our leaders to act and act soon. The solutions to climate change exist and they are all around us! What we need is proactive policy from our leaders that can set India on course for a safe and habitable future.

Udaan is an attempt at creating those youth leaders who will take the environmental movement to a new level. Urban/rural, rich/poor, privileged/underprivileged, activists/non-activists, leaders and soon-to-be-leaders; from December 15 till December 19, at Fireflies Ashram in Bangalore, will come together for training and learning workshops on how to build that movement that we so desperately need to address climate change and environmental issues in India.


We will:

— Learn about campaigning, movement building, mobilisation, digital campaigning and more. 

— Discuss and learn about the politics and policy of environment and how we can involve ourselves with it. 

— Learn the power of media and communications and ways to engage with fellow citizens. 

— Understand how change happens and how we can transition India towards a safe, clean energy future. 

We want to do all this for the following outcomes.

  • To create a diverse group of young environmental leaders in India who will lead the environmental movement.
  • To launch a national level campaign that Udaan participants can contribute to and implement in their region (cities/towns/villages).
  • To organise similar trainings in your home cities/towns and villages to engage more young people in the movement.

It is an amazing opportunity to share, learn, unite and empower ourselves to fight for a safer future.

Udaan is just the beginning and we hope you join this movement.