Here are responses to some of the frequently asked questions about Udaan — 

1. What is Udaan?

Udaan is a gathering of mostly young people from across India. It is part of a larger global project called Global Power Shift, initiated by international climate movement-building organisation, 350.org. Global Power Shift and Udaan seek to build a collective of young people who will question and disrupt the status quo and capture the public’s attention using creative methods of communicating the issue of climate change in India and around the world.

Recognising our diversity of contexts around the globe and the need for our movement to work on several fronts, here are the main strategic areas that focused on through Global Power Shift and we are now adapting to the planning of Udaan 2013.

(1) the problem — confronting the fossil fuel industry

(2) the impacts — highlighting the impacts and urgency of the climate crisis, and

(3) the solutions — democratized, distributed renewable energy that will work for people and the planet

Udaan will go on for five days and will be a chance for all of us to

–  refine our skills,

–  create personal bonds and community,

–  share visions for change and strategize how to organize actions in the regions we come from.

–  launch a nationwide climate campaign and empower its participants to return home with the necessary skill and tools to lead their own local action groups. These groups will in turn educate the public about the realities (causes and impacts) and the solutions to climate change, implement solutions projects and campaign and recruit for mass national and global actions leading into 2014 and 2015.

2. What is the challenge with Climate Change in India?

The problem of climate change looms large and we must act swiftly and strongly if are to have any chance at limiting global warming to below 2 degrees celsius, let alone get back from 400 to 350 ppm (parts per million), the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide that the world’s scientists say is necessary. A strong international climate movement is needed now more than ever. For the first time the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii has recorded carbon dioxide concentrations of 400 ppm.

Climate change is here and now, not a distant problem of the future. It is an urgent problem that warrants immediate action. The science is clear — if we pour another 565 gigatonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere by midcentury, we’ll have an 80% chance of remaining below 2 °C.  If we stay on our current emissions trajectory, we will surpass this threshold in the next 15 years. 

3. What is the expectation with regards to participation at Udaan?

Here are the expectations that you agreed to when you submitted the confirmation survey for attending Udaan:

  • We expect that you are ready and able to commit a couple of hours every week in the months prior to Udaan to fully take part in the preparations leading to Udaan in Bangalore.
  • We expect that you are ready and able to commit to working collaboratively and constructively with all other Udaan participants, as well as with other individuals, organisations and networks relevant to your region’s and city’s strategic planning.
  • We expect that you are ready and able to commit that you will be present and fully engaged during the Udaan – including that you will do your best to attend all sessions on time and that you will contribute as much as possible to discussions and actions.
  • We expect that you are ready and able to commit a few hours weekly after Udaan, to help organise and run a large scale national/regional climate event in your region/city as part of your regional strategic climate plan to shift the power!

4. What are the next steps in preparation for Udaan?

These preparations will include:

  •      getting to know your fellow participants from your city/state
  •      understanding your city/state (its climate politics, vulnerabilities, politics and culture)
  •      reading and discussing a couple of movement strategy essays to deepen your political analysis

5. What will happen at Udaan?

Udaan will be held for 5 days in the 3rd week of December (15th-19th) in Bangalore and will be a combination of large group activities, skills training,  regional city or state breakout working groups for strategic planning, panel discussions, participant-led workshops, cultural presentations, and much more! We’ll also be trained for and participating together in a climate action, organised by friends in Bangalore. It’s going to be creative, intense, fun, challenging and amazing!

6. What will the program look like?

Udaan will be a 5-day dynamic program that aims to be a catalyst for action. It is filled with capacity building workshops, inspirational speeches, strategy meetings, cultural and social activities. We are currently working with our partners to finalise the program. The full program together with the study material will be posted on this page and emailed to all participants once it’s finalised.

We will have a team of highly skilled facilitators who will be designing the curriculum and delivering a strong training to the participants.

7. Skills track

There will be different skills tracks that the participants will be asked to choose from. These tracks will broadly cover the following

a. Policy and lobbying
b. Non violent direct action
c. Creative activism
d. Media and communications
e. Digital/online campaigning

The above skills tracks are subject to change but will be informed to selected participants to choose from. 

Udaan Logistics for Participants

1. Travel arrangements:

You are expected to make your own travel arrangements from your city/region to Bangalore. We encourage you to use train over other modes of transport that leave huge carbon footprints.

In special cases we may provide reimbursements for a 3 tier/sleeper train travel. Please fill the travel subsidy form accordingly. 

You local transport from the place of accommodation to conference venue will be taken care of.

We are also considering providing transport from train stations up to venue, and will intimate the confirmation soon. But be prepared to get to the venue by yourself.

 2. Do I have to make my own lodging arrangements?

We will make arrangements for your accommodation in Bangalore.

 3. Can I arrive early or stay on after the event?

Yes, you can arrive early or stay late. However, the accommodation is only available on the dates of the conference. You will be responsible for organizing and paying for the rest of your stay.

 4. What should I wear?

December is fairly pleasant/cold in Bangalore. Please carry one warm jacket. Dress comfortably and modestly.

5. Will meals be provided during the event?

Yes, we will be providing 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

6. I am a vegetarian/vegan, Will there be options for my dietary needs?

Yes, vegetarian and vegan options will be available. Infact, all the food at the venue is only vegetarian

7. Will there be time for prayer and religious breaks?

Yes. Throughout our program we are already considering space and time for participants that require private time for prayers or meditation.

Application Process

1. What is the criteria for selection?

  • Basic understanding of the climate change and skills in organising/mobilising/campaigning. 
  • Willingness to learn and engage with city/national or even global teams after Udaan
  • Demonstrated capacity to follow through with these commitments and taking leadership

2. Is there an age limit to participate in Udaan?

Strictly speaking, no. There is a lower age limit of 18  (we can make considerations for younger participants if they are accompanied by adults), but there is no strict upper age limit for prospective participants.

Young people are in a unique position – they are often most directly impacted by the long-term effects of climate change, but usually do not have as much of a voice in their societies as adults do. Our aim is to support youth empowerment so that we can build a movement inclusive enough for everybody. To that end, the majority of participants for Udaan would be young people under the age of 30.