2015 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history. The UN Climate talks begin in Paris on Nov. 30 and run through Dec. 11. On the weekend before the Paris summit begins, the climate movement will be taking actions all over the world. With climate change in the global spotlight, our message is to keep fossil fuels in the ground — stop digging and drilling!!!! — and finance a just transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050!! It’s time to TURN OFF fossil fuels and TURN ON 100% Renewables!!!

Since it’s Thanksgiving weekend in the US, our 350 Triangle team is organizing a NC Virtual Global Climate March event where you can participate in your homes or wherever you are traveling on the 29th! Invite your friends and family to join you with one or more of the commitments!!! Partnering with organizations across NC, we are encouraging people in communities across the state to commit to one or more of these actions:

1. Commit to contacting the White House and/or State Department, asking them to make the right decisions needed at the Paris talks to turn the world OFF of fossil fuels and turn ON to 100% renewables!  President Obama, Secretary John Kerry,  and Todd Stern, Special Envoy for Climate Change. Todd’s phone number at the State Department is 202-647-9884.

2. Commit to turn OFF your lights for at least an hour on November 29. Light a candle, play a card game, go outside and enjoy the stars and moon. Slow down. Enjoy simple pleasures.

3. Commit to consume less and simplify during the holiday season and beyond. Support local businesses in your community. Make homemade gifts. Give gifts of experiences like to concerts, a restaurant, a massage. Declutter. Use creative ways to wrap or deliver presents without the waste of paper or packaging.

4. Commit to eating and supporting local, sustainably raised food. We’re blessed with great farmers’ markets across the state! Grow some of your own food. You can start with a few of your own herbs. Start or support a community garden. Support a farmer by joining a Community Supporting Agriculture (CSA).

Green America started this pledge to consume less this holiday season!

5. Commit to connect with nature. Get outdoors!!! “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

You are welcome to join us on a bird walk on Saturday, November 28, 3 pm at Umstead State Park or Sunday, November 29, 3 pm at Shelley Lake, both in Raleigh. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in joining us! Bring binoculars and a poem or quote to share, if you’d like! Invite friends and family to join you on a walk wherever you live!

6. Read a poem, meditate, or say a prayer for the protection of the Earth and for the leaders from around the world to make the bold  decisions needed to move us forward with climate solutions. Consider asking your faith leaders to include a prayer in the service during the climate talks.

This is a beautiful prayer composed recently for leaders attending the Paris Climate talks from students at the wonderful Odyssey program at Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute in Chapel Hill.

Invite your friends and family to join you with one or more of the commitments!!! Consider taking a photo as you are making one of the commitments and send it to [email protected].