Hope you’ve been enjoying the lovely Fall colors this year!
COP26 is over and not enough was done, as usual. If you missed the programs organized by the awesome people power that attended, check out COP26 Coalition’s youtube page here for links. One of my favorites was the Indigenous Movement Assembly here. As COP26 started, over 700 civil society groups demanded Real Climate Solutions, Not “Net-Zero” Check out the demands here.’s summary video from COP26 showing the awesome people power here.
Brianna Fruean from the Pacific Climate Warriors spoke at the COP26 Leaders Summit sharing an important message to world leaders. “We are not drowning, we are fighting!”  Listen here.
Bill McKibben’s article he wrote as COP26 ended It’s a fairytale that world governments will fix our climate crisis. It’s up to us is here.
The President promised to address the climate crisis with the urgency it deserves, and yet days after COP26, the administration is selling off more than 80 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico (Nov 17) for oil and gas development. UNACCEPTABLE! Tell President Biden NO MORE fossil fuel permits!! Sign here.
Look forward to seeing some of you on Friday at the Climate Emergency Rally across from the Governors’ Mansion and in Danville, VA on the 27th. Info below on those events and more!  

Nov 19, Climate Emergency Rally
12-1:30 pm, Blount Street, across from the Governor’s Mansion, Raleigh
Call on Governor Cooper to declare a climate emergency, stop Duke Energy’s fracked gas expansion and help low-income and BIPOC communities being hurt by superstorms and high electric bills. More information and register here.
Nov. 27, Protecting Our Air, Our Lives,

2 pm, Angler’s Park, 350 Northside Drive, Danville, VA

Outdoors at Shelter 21. Parents can’t control the air our children breathe; we depend on our leaders in Congress to do their jobs and protect our children. We want to identify real climate leadership, and we need actionable commitments from our leaders. We must take action to protect our most vulnerable communities from the impacts of the MVP Southgate Air Compressor Station. There will be speakers, music, food. Register here.
November 17, Missing Murdered Indigenous Women of NC Coalition (MMIW NC) Art Build
3-7 pm, Paperhand Puppet Intervention, Saxapahaw
Join us for a second art build with the brilliant movement artist, Jan Burger of Paperhand Puppets, to prepare signs and flags for the MMIW 3k on Saturday, November 20, and the MMIW Rally on April 30, 2022. This art build is a collaboration between 17 Rivers AIM Support Group and MMIW NC. Please wear clothes to paint in and long sleeves, as we could be going in and outside. We will provide the art supplies, and will be doing painting, screen-printing, and other activities! Event link here.
November 22, Rediscovering Rachel Carson, Poet of the Sea
6-7 pm, online
Before her landmark book “Silent Spring “catalyzed the modern environmental movement, Rachel Carson was internationally celebrated as a “poet of the sea” for a trilogy of prescient books about the world’s oceans—their beauty, fragility, and immense consequence for life on earth. Join writer and biologist Sandra Steingraber, editor of a new Library of America edition, for a free online talk and Q&A about these lyrical and deeply personal classics of American science and nature writing. Register here.
November 23, Everybody’s Movement Series: Defining a Just Transition: What is a regenerative economy
With NC Climate Justice Collective. Register here.
Pulling Back the Curtain: Who’s Charting Our Energy Future
There is still time to sign up for the last two sessions of this series with Nancy LaPlaca. Register for the November 23 and December 14 sessions, plus, watch the recordings of the previous sessions here.
December 7, Democracy Now!’s 25 Anniversary
8pm, online at
Special guests include Winona LaDuke, Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky and more.
December 9, Rights of Water/Nature Webinar
2 pm, online
Hosted by 7 Directions of Service. Join us for Rights of Water/Nature Discussion with Thomas Linzey who serves as Senior Legal Counsel for the Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights. He is the co-founder of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and is widely recognized as the founder of the contemporary “community rights” movement, which has led to the adoption of hundreds of municipal laws across the United States. Register here.
December 11, Violation Vigil #NoMVP
1-4 pm,  1300 Blanton Ave., Richmond, VA
Dogwood Dell, outdoor amphitheater. The Violation Vigil Project is a full coalition artivism campaign to give poignant, visual and aural representation to the hundreds of water violations caused by the MVP. Music, inspiring speakers and the uplift and power of water protectors together by the hundreds!
Register here and more info here.
ACTIONS to Take!
Tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to DENY Mountain Valley Pipeline’s 404 Clean Water Act permit! This permit would allow them to pollute pristine streams and rivers that are home to many endangered and sensitive species, like the Roanoke Logperch. Sign here.

Stop Line 3

Hundreds of water protectors are facing criminal charges for standing in defense of the water, the climate, and the treaty rights of the Anishnaabeg people. They stood against the pipeline with their bodies, and were met with police forces – directly funded by Enbridge – and their surveillance, harassments, physical torture (“pain compliance”), and excessive charges, including felonies. Water protectors and their supporters are demanding that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Governor Walz work with county prosecutors to drop the charges against the water protectors who have resisted the Line 3 pipeline.
Sign the petition HERE to tell Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Governor Walz to DROP the charges against the water protectors!
Call on world leaders to join the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance and share their plans to phase out fossil fuel production. Sign the petition here.
Tell US insurance companies: Stop insuring and investing in fossil fuels here!
Great articles!
To Build a Beautiful World, You First Have to Imagine It Looking at the climate fight, it’s clear what we desperately need is more artists.
By Mary Annaïse Heglar
The dirty dozen: meet America’s top climate villains “It’s time to band together to seek justice and hold these profiteers accountable. Only in calling out their power and culpability is it possible to reclaim the world that belongs to all of us, together.” Link here.

This 5-Point Plan Will Fix Climate Coverage  by Amy Westervelt and Mary Annaïse Heglar.
“Put the “Pro” Back in Protester.Somehow, climate protesters are always remembered for what they are against and never for what they’re for. Climate protesters don’t want to take things away. They want to give people things—most notably, a livable future.”  Link here.
Great program with Kate Aronoff, that she gave at Brown University, Low-Carbon Populism vs. Fossil Capitalism. Link here.
April 30, 4th Annual Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Rally
10 am, Greensboro
June 22, Poor People’s Campaign
Washington, D.C.
Thanks for reading, sharing, and taking action!
Peace and love for our beautiful Earth, Karen