Get Involved

1 hour, that’s our ask. You decide  –  1 hour a month, 1 hour a week,  1 hour a day. Each of us are a vital part of the solution, Together we will collaborate, develop and launch local grassroots campaigns to empower one another and engage in active support towards a healthy planet.

Be a local government watchdog

Become familiar with the agenda, minutes and potential ordinances lead or be a part of a local campaign. Our elected officials work for us. It is our civic duty to actively listen and learn about their goals, efforts and agendas. Engage in open dialogue, attend meetings and let them know we are listening, watching and potentially supporting their efforts. And when one of these appear to be out of sync with what is in the ‘peoples’ best interest sound the horn to others.

Preparing to meet with and talk to your Elected Officials.


Boise City Council

Buhl City Council

Caldwell City Council

Eagle City Council

Filer City Council

Fruitland City Council

Emmett City Council–city-council

Garden City City Council

Grandview City Council

Greenleaf City Council

Hansen City Council

Homedale City Council

Kimberly City Council


Melba City Council

Meridian City Council

Middleton City Council

Marsing City Council

Mountain Home City Council

Nampa City Council

New Meadows City Council

New Plymouth City Council

Notus City Council

Payette City Council

Parma City Council

Star City Council

Twin Falls City Council

Wilder City Council









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House Committees


Run for office

Be a precinct captain, run for the local school board, PTA, City Council, County Commissioner, State legislature and more. Be the change you hope to see. Click here for Democracy for American’s Night School recording and slide show.

Sign up, get involved!

Pull on your boots, grab your hat and let’s get going, today. Click here to connect to a group, meeting, activity or event today.

Be Empowered & Activated

Each of us; you, me, our neighbors, our co-workers, are a vital part of the solution to a healthy planet.

Through direct, local, grassroots movements become involved in empowering others, while engaging in active support towards a sustainable environment.

Connect with a group, meeting, activity or event today.