Welcome to 350 South Florida!

We are your local network for grassroots activism on climate change issues. We act locally. “350 South Florida” is affiliated with 350.org, a non-profit that is building a global movement to solve the climate crisis. Growing stronger daily, the 350 family is active in 188 countries. This movement thinks and acts globally. Why the name “350?” Numbers are universal, and “350” refers to what scientists consider a safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (last seen in 1988).

In 2013, the global CO2 level surpassed 400 ppm (parts per million) for the first time in human history. We are engaged in the fight of the century. 350 South Florida is firmly committed to non-violent social change. Membership is open to all, and it implies a commitment to non-violence and the acceptance of the equality of all other members. Actions will be announced as they develop. We invite you today to join the online conversation on our Facebook.

This past year we have seen a wave of attacks on the environmental and social justice movement.

Save the date for our Fall Kick-off Volunteer Orientation & General Meeting on Sunday, October 28!

Where: BLUE Missions 5701 Sunset Drive, Miami, Florida 33143

Time: 2 PM

We’ll have delicious vegan food, hear campaign updates and announcements, learn about climate justice fight in South Florida. We’ll also talk about how you can join the fight for an immediate and just transition away from fossil fuels to a sustainable economy based on 100% renewable energy!

Want to get involved

Contact Salo at: [email protected]