On Monday, March 13, 2017, join hundreds of San Luis Obispo County residents and allies from across California to call for a just transition away from dirty fossil fuels and towards a clean energy economy. Right now, SLO County is under attack from big oil; from the threat of oil trains to fracking to offshore drilling, it’s up to us to say NO to the polluting energy of the past and YES to a job-generating, safe, clean energy economy we know we need.

County decision makers need to hear from all of us loud and clear:

NO Phillips 66 oil trains!
YES to clean energy!
NO expansion in Price Canyon!
YES to a fossil free future!
NO dumping oil waste into our groundwater!
YES to safe, clean, green jobs!
NO offshore drilling!
YES to the National Marine Sanctuary!

Monday, March 13 also marks the first day of SLO Board of Supervisors hearings on the proposed Phillips 66 Oil Train Terminal Project. Since the project’s application was filed in 2013, thousands of SLO county residents and tens of thousands of people living along the rail routes across California have urged the project’s denial.
Join us to demand the end of the Phillips 66 oil trains project once and for all. Let’s call on local leadership to move away from big oil and move towards a safe, clean, renewable, energy economy.
RSVP to the Board of Supervisors Public Hearings-

March and Rally organized by the ProtectSLO Coalition, including Santa Lucia Chapter, ECOSLO, SLO350, Stand,  California Nurses Association, Center for Biological Diversity, & Surfrider Foundation, among others.

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