Our participants have something to say to you.. read on!
(Register 8th June- 4th July, updated 11th July).

First Name
Give us a one-line introduction about yourself that we can use for our website!
1 Yang I am from NUS SAVE, the main student environmental body in NUS & I just graduated this month.
2 Adam A teenage boy with a curious mind.
3 Malvin Clean It Up! I am here for change, for the climate, for Mother Earth!
4 Joyce Just a small person in this small country doing small things to create a big change in the world.
5 Nur Hazirah Aqilah A co-founder of EarthGreen Consultancy
6 Siva I’m helping Engineers Without Borders Asia organize their Launch & am getting into green & sustainable tech.
7 yong wang First year student in Project and Facilities Management in NUS
8 Hamzah Passion toward Environment
9 Chin Hsien a civil servant working on RD&D planning for sustainable industry
10 Soh Teng Outgoing individual, passionate about environmental issues
11 LIM Fighting for Our very own species Survival!
12 Zhi Wei I’m a student who is looking to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.
13 Melissa I’m FINished with Fins and hope more will follow suit!
14 Vijay Friendly
15 Jordan Jordan: a genuine and motivated aspiring change-maker for the community and for the world.
16 Teo I am a book-lover and cat-lover who dreams of a green Singapore! 🙂
17 Nafiah Adlina I am friendly and very bubbly.
18 Ong Learning to strive towards being in harmony with animals and nature
19 Reynard Let’s revolutionise the way we learn
20 Norman Hi! I am Norman, and I am a Shark Saver!
21 iqbal Slowly But Surely
22 Yaping A person who loves the nature!
23 Aisha I am from NUS, and as a Geographer and a student environmentalist, I am very passionate about the environment!
24 Wei Meng William I believe that there is no challenge too dire that cannot be resolved through a properly designed campaign.
25 John I’m keen to find out more!
26 SUk Yen Cheers
27 Khairunnisa Environmental youth advocate
28 Elaine Currently an undergrad at NUS Environmental Studies Programme. I’ve been actively involved in environmental clubs and outreach events.Interested in environmental management,policy, water resource and climate change.
29 M. Y. Writer who likes the heat, but not too much of it.
30 Meisi Environmentalist and believer of 100% renewable energy
31 Jean An advocate of household waste segregation
32 Zulhilmi Flexible
33 Ihsan EarthGreen
34 Yammy Sustainable Thai Food Entrepreneur in London
35 Teong I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself.
36 Nathalie Nathalie Sajda, born and raised in Sweden by Polish parents, is currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand but soon moving to Singapore. Ms. Sajda is simultaneously pursuing her master degree at in Political Science at Kyung Hee University, South Korea. She dedicates her academic and professional life to the enhancement of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in East and Southeast Asia. Ms. Sajda has for the past eight years worked closely with social entrepreneurs in Sweden, Thailand and South Korea on topics spanning from collaborative economy to experience-based education and intercultural communication. Ms. Sajda thrives in dynamic environments and enjoys pondering about philosophical questions, especially by reflecting on the intersection of economy, societies and technology.
37 Isaac Your modern day Descartes wannabe
38 Xu Tian I am enthusiastic
39 ilaria Passionate climate activist and changemaker
40 Nathalie Loving nature
41 Vaishnavi A member of planet earth, Vaishnavi loves all beings of nature, from seaweed to spiders to whales, and would love to hug and protect them for life
42 Foo Hey!Anna here 🙂 I am currently pursuing a diploma in Environmental and Water Technology at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.I look forward to working with you guys :)!
43 Cuifen The coach, nature lover and scientific communicator 🙂
44 Tabitha achieving results is possible with perseverance.
45 Wanling Since I’m still young, I think learning is the key to helping the environment.
46 Roopal I’m a rising sophomore at Singapore American School, an officer of GIN and SAVE club, and I am immensely interested in working with 350.org!
47 GoRdoN Determination
48 Diana Tree Girl
49 Cornelia passionate about making a difference if empowered

(Register 8th July – 11th July, updated 9th July)

50 Chrissy A person so passionate to learning what influences behaviour that she joined advertising research to go back to the basics
51 Ruskin My name is Ruskin and I am venturing for a sustainable, clean and responsible Earth.
52 Mika
53 Xiao Cheng Xiao Cheng is a student passionate about social entrepreneurship and enjoy exchanging ideas with people from around the world!
54 Krishna